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23 March 2019 - Preston & Blackpool show

Another day-trip
with the babies Ginny and Anna, plus Vi as well this time: Anna took home two 1st prizes and two seconds plus a Show Manager's Special rosette, but this time Ginny won Best of Breed, and 1st in all her classes. My sweet girl Viola, Ginny's big sister and Anna's mum, also had a good day, winning her first Grand Challenge certificate and a 1st and two 2nds in good side classes.
All three girls greatly enjoyed their trip, especially the journey home. On the train home we were sitting by a group of young dancers who were thrilled to discover I had cats with me: Ginny was in their midsts in a shot, playing to the audience,
Anna sat on the back of the seat and accepted strokes and tummy tickles from everyone with a happy purr, whilst Vi sat on my knee and surveyed the scene with amusement!

9 March 2019 - Lancashire show

This time it was just a long day-trip
with the babies Ginny and Anna: Ginny took home two 1st prizes and two seconds, but yet again Anna was my star, winning Best of Breed and Best Section 4 Kitten!

9 February 2019 - Croydon/Southern Counties shows

We treated ourselves again to a trip on the overnight sleeper, as the cats really do enjoy travelling this way!
This time I took Rafa, his daughter Ginny and his granddaughter Anna: Rafa was Best of Breed in both shows, and placed 4th in one Olympian class too, Ginny flirted her way to Best of Breed in the Southern Counties show out of four lovely Russian blue kittens (including Anna) plus 1st in two good side classes. But Anna was my star again, winning Best of Breed in the Croydon show and Best Section 4 (Foreign) Kitten.

19 January 2019 - Short Haired Cat Society show

We treated ourselves to a trip on the overnight sleeper
to get to this show (I'm a life member of the club and felt I should make the effort!),so I fell asleep comfortably with purring in my ear as usual x I just took Vi, her baby sister Ginny and her daughter Anna: Vi picked up a 1st and 2nd, plus an Exhibitor's Choice rosette, Ginny was beaten by Anna, but still managed to win both her side classes, little flirt, as well as also catching the eye of another exhibitor for an Exhibitor's Choice rosette. But darling Anna really was my star today:
- Dushenka Annabella - Best of Breed, Best Section 4 (Foreign) Kitten and Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit!
Just to make a great day perfect, Anna was also awarded a Judge's Choice rosette by senior breeder/judge Val Anderson-Drew - thank you Val!

Congratulations also to our family connection, Dawn's Zeus won Best of Breed and his first Olympian certificate, and his stable-mate Stream, one of Heather' lovely Tiffanies, won her Champion title. Heather's cats took home a great selection of wins too, including Best in Show Kitten in the AGCS show with Calum's gorgeous black smoke baby.

5 January 2019 - Scottish Cat Club and West of Scotland Cat Club shows

Our first show of the year, and what a lovely day it was, with loads of family there and an amazing line-up of 21 Russian Blues in competition! My darling boy Ch & IGr Pr Dushenka Xander was celebrating his 11th birthday, and achieved a very creditable 5th placing in one Olympian class, in-between smooching and making up to his adoring audience quite shamelessly! There were so many of his descendents there, with special thanks to all our wonderful kitten owners who brought their babies along to support the show. Congratulations to all our family!

- Premier Dushenka Wolfgang-Amadeus - won both Premier certificates and his new title
- Pr Dushenka Vanda Blue Orchid - won both Grand certificates at her first try in the class
- Dushenka
Xoriana Agata - her first adult shows and her owner's first-ever cat show - won both Premier certificates!
- Ch Dushenka Norma Jean - won a Grand and a reserve Grand
- Dushenka
Walter - won a 1st and a 2nd on his show debut
- Dushenka Veronica Speedwell - won 2nd in both shows
- Dushenka Zelenka
- on her show debut was 2nd in both breed classes to her niece,
and enjoyed some great side class results, including winning a class of 8 kittens :)
- Dushenka Annabella - Best of Breed in both shows
- IGrCh Dushenka
Rafael - Best of Breed in one show

Squidge, Lucy and Ginny were also there to support the show, and congratulations also to our family connections on their various wins: Margaret's Tuppence won the Grand and reserve
Grand and her Grand Champion title, Dawn's Zeus won a Best of Breed, and Tracey's Mikey won 4th in a strong Olympian class.

January 2019

Happy New Year to everybody!

Looking back over 2018

It was another good show year for my cats who over the course of 2018 won 7 new titles; 40 certificates; and 14 best in show/best of variety wins, including one Overall Best in Show.  Special congratulations again to my new title holders:

- IGrCh & Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Belucia
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Theodorus
Grand Premier Dushenka Feliks
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stardust-Lady
- Champion Dushenka Viola Heartsease
- Champion Dushenka Wilhemina Pinkletink
Premier Dushenka Vanda Blue Orchid

My other winners included IGrPr Dushenka Rafael, who won three Olympians, three reserve Olympians and his first UK certificate during the year; his mother IGrCh & IGrPr Dushenka Belucia won her first Olympian and two reserve Olympians; Ch & IGrPr Dushenka Xander won another Olympian certificate; Ch Dushenka Norma-Jean won a reserve Grand, Dushenka Wolfgang-Amadeus won two Premier Certificates at his first two adult shows; Dushenka Xena Tanzanite won two Challenge certificates at her two adult shows; and Dushenka Macarius and Dushenka Veronica Speedwell both won their first Premier Certificates.   We had kitten wins with Xoriana-Agata, Xena Tanzanite, Zinevra, Zelazny and Annabella too.

Special thanks also to Heather & Richard of Cagaran Cats, Dawn of Miakush Russian Blues, Andy and Kristi of Truevine Nebelungs and Ian of Saladin Abyssinians, who all helped us get to and from shows at various points throughout the year.  Thanks also to all my lovely kitten owners for showing their cats: Karen and Darren; Laura and James, Heather P as well as Dawn, and Margaret of Makima Cats.

It was also a very sad year for me, as I said goodbye to my two beloved old ladies, Sophie and her daughter Tasha. Their oh-so precious descendents grieve with me for our loss. Treasure your cats while you have them: they are never with you as long as you would like.