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8 July 2017 - Eastern Counties/Kensington shows

I ran a little mad (again!) and entered six cats and kittens at this show, three generations of Dushenkas - over seven hours on the train on Friday, not that that bothered my lot at all!  We had a super day at the shows, and I am very proud of all my babies, who really did me proud:
- Grand Champion Dushenka Theodorus won the Grand and Best of Breed in both shows and his new title - through to Grand in six straight shows!
- IGrCh & Premier Dushenka Belucia won the Premier certificate in both shows and her new title in the minimum number of shows
- GrCh Dushenka Rafael won the Imperial and reserve Imperial
Three of Queenie and Rafa's babies made their show debut at just 15.5 weeks old:
- Dushenka Vasiliy Sweet-Basil and Dushenka Vinca Mjr Periwinkle split the honours, each winning their breed class in one show, winning a total of seven 1st prizes, three 2nd prizes and two 3rd prizes in their twelve classes.  But their clever sister beat them both...
- Dushenka Viola Heartsease won Best of Breed in both shows and a total of five 1st prizes and one 2nd in her six classes - and went on to win Best of Variety Foreign Kitten in the Kensington show!  



17 June 2017 - Lakeland show

Congratulations to today's winners:
- GrCh Dushenka Rafael, won the reserve Imperial certificate
- Ch Dushenka Theodorus, won his first Grand Challenge Certificate
- their mother, IGrCh Dushenka Belucia won her first Premier certificate

Mikey was there again too, and also won his first Grand premier certificate at his first try - congratulations again Tracey x



27 May 2017 - Durham/Northern Counties shows

More good results today for my cats! Congratulations to:
- GrCh Dushenka Rafael, who won the Imperial certificate in both shows; and
- Champion Dushenka Theodorus, who won the Challenge Certificate in both shows, and gained his new title!

Theo's half-brother was there too, and also had a great day, winning the Premier certificate in both shows to become Premier Makima Kyanite - many congratulations to his proud breeder Margaret Mather and his even prouder owner Tracey Hamilton x



13 May 2017 - Nor'East of Scotland show

A good set of results today for my cats- very happy! Congratulations to:
- GrCh Dushenka Rafael, who won the Imperial certificate again;
- GrCh Dushenka Jingle-Belle, who won her first Imperial certificate at her first try; and
- Dushenka Theodorus, at his first adult show he won his first Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed and Best of Variety Foreign Adult!

Rafa, Jingle and Theo are all full siblings, from my 'dream' combination of Dukey and Lucy, and I am so very proud of all of them x

On the day, Theo was beaten by his half-brother, Makima Kyanite, who ended up as Best Foreign Exhibit.  Mikey is the son of Dukey, by Jingle's daughter Norma-Jean, so keeping it in the family!   



25 March 2017 - Preston & Blackpool/RACCS shows

Super results today - lots of happy tears!
Congratulations first to Margaret Mather's girl Ch Dushenka Norma-Jean, just entered in the RACCS show and won the reserve Grand; and Karen Nugent's IGrCh & Premier Dushenka Zivabella who won her third Premier certificate and new title!

And congratulations to my darling Batman, IGrCh Dushenka Orphiel, who won his fourth Olympian certificate, Best of Breed, and Best in Show Russian Adult in the RACCS show. 

As if that wasn't enough to have me a happy, soggy mess, Batman's baby brother Theo, at his last kitten shows decided today was his day and in the Preston show won Best of Breed, 1st in all his classes and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten..... but even that wasn't enough for him today, as in the RACCS show he also won Best of Breed, 1st in all his classes, Best Russian Kitten, Best Russian Exhibit and
Overall Best in Show!  Huge congratulations to my special boy Dushenka Theodorus


My especial thanks again to Karen and Darren for getting my cats safely home, and for looking after the rest of my crew too when I had to stay on down south - you are one in a million Karen xxx


11 March 2017 - Lancashire show

This time the congratulations are for Rafa, who won his first Imperial certificate at his first try, clever boy!



25 February 2017 - Cov & Leics/ Herts & Mddlx shows

Congratulations to my baby Sparkle, who at her first adult show won her first Challenge certificate! Dear old Xander also won a Best of Breed, darling boy.  



19 February 2017 - Show in Fignaart, the Netherlands

I was just over for a visit, but was delighted to great results for some of my cats' family.  First pf all my Squidge's mum won another new title and is now  Inertantional Champion Alyona Bella Barinya.  I was also delighted to see Beau's babies Larry and Minka, both win their CACs!


4 February 2017 - Gwynedd/Shopshire shows

And another new title, this time for Rafa:

- Grand Champion Dushenka Rafael who won the Grand Challenge in both shows, against some good competition
The babies had a good day too, with Sparkle winning five x 1st prizes and one x 3rd in her six classes, and Theo winning a 1st, four x 2nd and a 3rd in his six classes. Congratulations also to Beau's daughter Alyona Jelisaveta, who won her second Challenge certificate!



21 January 2017 - Short Hair Cat Society show

I just had three cats with me today

- IGr Ch Dushenka Orphiel won the reserve Olympian certificate
- Ch & IGr Pr Dushenka Xander also won his reserve Olympian certificate
Theo was there too, and greatly enjoyed his day as ever!




7 January 2017 - Scottish/West of Scotland shows

We had a busy day at this busy double show having taken six cats as well as helping out at the show.  Very proud of all my cats:

- IGr Ch Dushenka Orphiel won his third Olympian certificate
- Gr Ch Alyona Eremey Tsar won the Imperial certificate in one show and the reserve Imperial in the other
- Ch Dushenka Rafael won a reserve Grand certificate
- Champion Dushenka Norma-Jean won the Challenge certificate in both shows and was made up to Champion

Xander, Theo and Sparkle all came home with a bunch of rosettes too, but the kitten star was Dukey and Norma-Jean's son Makima Kyanite, who had an amazing day, winning 1st in every class, both Best of Breed awards, Best Foreign Kitten in both shows and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit in the Scottish show - congratulations again to Mikey, his proud breeder Margaret Mather, and his even prouder owner Tracey Hamilton!




1 January 2017

Happy New Year to everybody!

Looking back over 2016

It was another good show year for my cats who over the course of 2016 won 11 new titles; 41 certificates; and 8 best in show/best of variety wins.  Special congratulations again to my new title holders:

- Ch & Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Xander
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Orphiel
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka
Czar Koreshki
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Duke Ellington
- Grand Champion Dushenka Jingle-Belle
- Grand Champion Azreal Boucheron Beauzaris

Gr Ch & Premier Dushenka Gabriel
- Champion Dushenka Queenie-Belle

- Champion Dushenka Rafael
- MasterCat Kush

My other winners included Dushenka Norma-Jean, who won her first Challenge certificate; Gr Pr Dushenka Optimus Prime won a reserve Imperial, Gr Ch Alyona Eremey Tsar won his first Imperial certificate, and IGMC Fen who won an Olympian and reserve Olympian certificate.

Special thanks also to Heather & Richard of Cagaran Cats for taking me and my mob to so many shows during the year, plus Dawn Peck, Andy Elliott and Kristi Stewart of Truevine Nebelungs and Ian Thomson of Saladin Abyssinians, who all helped us out.

On the kitten front we had two beautiful litters of kittens, with squeakie, silvery Sparkle and cheeky chappie Theo somehow or other not quite managing to leave home yet!