News 2021


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13 November 2021 - Cumberland and Yorkshire shows

Another great show, and a busy day for everyone with 450 cats entered. I just took two cats, Laura and Caryl took two each and Karen and Darren brought along one too - and it was a lovely day again for all of us!

- UK & Olympian Bronze IGrCh Dushenka Rafael won his qualifying Olympian Certificate as well as another reserve Olympian and both Best of Breed awards. Rafa was in sparklingly good form, frolicking and playing like a kitten - he knew he had done well! So proud of my beautiful big boy, and all his descendents x
- Rafa's daughter Pr Dushenka Zelenka won both her Grand certificates her first time in the class, plus a Best of Breed against strong competition, and then went on to win Best of Variety Section 4 neuter as well!
- Rafa's great-grandson Dushenka Delukiel won his first Challenge Certificate at his first try

Rafa's great-granddaughter Ch Dushenka Hollyhock won her first Grand Certificate at her first try
- GMC Mac won both Imperial certificates and Best in Colour in both shows, and ended his day by gracing a best in show pen as Best Pedigree Pet in the Yorkshire show!
- Laura's baby Lapochka Alyana-Lilly won
1st and Best of Breed in both shows,
and was as happy as can be all day long (Lilly is also Rafa's granddaughter)
My little cutie-pie FiFi was there too and enjoyed all her cuddles - as expected, she didn't win any big awards, but I think she won a few more hearts x

Many thanks to Laura, Caryl, Karen and Darren for bringing their lovely cats, and to Karen and Darren for giving me a lift to and from the show x

4 September 2021 - Wyvern Cat Club show

This was another well-organised, and really enjoyable show, safe and welcoming. A bit more like my old self, I took three cats, Laura took three and Caryl two - and it was a lovely day again for all of us!

- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Viola Heartsease won her qualifying Imperial Certificate - so proud of my sweet Viola and her father
- UK & IGr Ch Dushenka Rafael won the reserve Olympian in a very strong class
- Champion Bluebebop Blackstar Bowie my darling Bobo also won his qualifying Challenge Certificate
Caryl's two lovely girls both won their new titles:
Champion Dushenka Hollyhock won her qualifying Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed again, making her Jac's first GCCF-titled offspring - Holly is also Viola's granddaughter.
- Premier Dushenka Zelenka won her qualifying Premier Certificate as well, plus Best of Breed. (Zizi is Viola's younger sister).
And Laura's cats completed a lovely line-up of results:
- GMC Mac won the reserve Imperial and Best in Colour
- Laura's baby Lapochka Alyana-Lilly won
1st and Best of Breed,
and frolicked and purred all day long!

Many thanks to Laura and Caryl for another super-fun trip for all of us x

14 August 2021 - GCCF Celebration Show

After 17 months with no GCCF shows finally we are back! Huge thanks are due to the show team who organised a well-organised, safe, and welcoming show. I only took one cat - and he is black too! - but there were another seven Dushenka connections entered too. And what a lovely day we all had!

- Dushenka Hollyhock won her two Challenge Certificates and Best of Breed at her first-ever show, Best of Variety Section 4 Adult and Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit!
Bluebebop Blackstar Bowie, my darling black boy, all the way from Australia at his first-ever show in the UK won two Challenge Certificates and Best of Breed
- Grand Premier Dushenka Veronica Speedwell won her qualifying Grand certificate, her first Imperial, Best of Breed, and was placed third in a very strong Best of Variety line-up.
- Dushenka Zelenka won her two Premier Certificates
- GMC Mac won his first two Imperial certificate on his first time in the class
Special congratulations to Laura's babies, the first-ever Lapochka kittens, Hollyhock's half-siblings, Lapochka Alicia-Rose and Lapochka Alyana-Lilly who won 1st and 2nd in the female kitten class and Lapochka Alfred-Aster
who won 1st and Best of Breed, and went on to win
Best of Variety Section 4 kitten - and he's not even 4 months old yet!

Many thanks to Laura, Caryl and Amara for bringing their seven cats and kittens, and making it such a fun trip for all of us.