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Gone but never forgotten


Dushenka Evgeniy - born and buried on Christmas night
Champion Siykat Stella Dushenka - died on Boxing Day

Sweet dreams, my loves


17 December 2011 - Maidstone & District  Show

It was the last show of 2011, another Silver Jubilee show, and we just couldn't resist it, travelled down the night before and enjoyed a night in a hotel and then had a very good day at the show itself. Once again, congratulations to my lovely Lucy, just five days into adulthood she won her open class, her first Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed again, plus a 1st and two 2nd prizes in large classes with strong competition.  Her baby cousins Dukey, Silvabel and Darya made their show debut, carting off one 1st, six 2nds and two 3rd prizes.  Dukey also won £20 in the 'lucky pen' competition! The babies obviously had a whale of a time, purring, cuddling and tumbling around without a care in the world - I couldn't be more proud.

Congratulations to my travelling companions, Heather and Richard of Cagaran cats whose cats also had a super day,all winning their open classes.


3 December 2011 - West of Scotland Show

Congratulations to my lovely Lucy, who at her last kitten show won her open class, Best of Breed and three more 1st prizes. Her litter brother Basil also won his open class, plus two more 1sts, Leo won a very creditable 2nd on his Scottish show debut and Zach won the reserve Imperial certificate.  I also had Xander with me, just on exhibition, to help celebrate the club's Silver Jubilee.  Xander looked particularly lovely today, in his silver snowflake decorated pen.

19 November 2011 - Supreme Show

It was another busy Supreme Show day; I was stewarding and also had four Dushenka cats in attendance. Xaria and Stan both came a creditable second in their UK Grand classes, but my stars today were the gorgeous father and daughter duo of Zach and Lucy.  Many congratulations to:
- Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel who won his first UK Grand Premier Certificate - UK Grands can only be won at the Supreme Show
- Dushenka Belucia who won her open class and Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten. Lucy was one of 15 finalists for the best foreign kitten competition, and was shortlisted to the final four, which for her first appearance at this, the 'Feline Crufts' was a great achievement.  Lucy's Royalty-themed decorated pen also won 1st prize in the RBBA competition, and 2nd prize in the RACCS competition, so all that time spent lovingly bejewelling her crowns was worthwhile!




12 November 2011 - Cheshire Area Cat Club show

I was just at this show to steward today, so it was a pleasant surprise to find Yzzy's handsome young son Dushenka Czar Koreshki in attendance.  He had a pretty good day too, winning three x 1st prizes and one x 2nd prize in his four classes.  Although still only just over 6 months old he is a huge boy, with a lovely big purr, and 'Dushenka paws' as you can see in this photo.


Congratulations to him and his proud owners, Donna and Dave Johnson of Koreshka Russian Blues.



5 November 2011 - Ulster Siamese and All Breed Cat Club show

OK, so we really are quite crazy, leaving home at half past midnight for the overnight ferry to Northern Ireland and not getting back home until 25 hours later - but it was worth it, as you can see from the amount of 'purple prose' below!!  Zach and Stan were the perfect double-act in the neuter section, and Lucy obviously deciding that it was about time that she caught up with her daddy's achievements!  Many congratulations to:
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav on winning the reserve Imperial Grand Premier certificate and 1st prize in of his side classes
- Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel on winning Best of Breed, his third Imperial Grand Premier certificate and Best of Variety Foreign Neuter - his fifth consecutive Best of Variety/Best in Show win!
- Dushenka Belucia who won Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten, 1st in all her classes, Best of Variety Foreign Kitten, and was then whisked away to the front of the show hall as Best in Show Foreign Exhibit...  The Best in Show panel was John Hansson, Helen Marriott-Power and Jane Allen, and the competition was fierce.  As a first step the judges were asked to vote for their top three cats and the show manager announced that the shortlisted cats were the Persian, the British, the Burmese - and the Foreign too, as there was a tie.  Then the judges looked at the shortlisted cats again - I was so proud of Lucy who just calmly lay stretched out in her steward's hands, and just so pleased with her for getting that far.  But you've guessed it, that wasn't enough for my girl, who was announced as the Overall Best in Show Exhibit! 
There was a big presentation made by the Mayor (once I had dried my eyes...), who said that Lucy would have been his choice too - her trophy is almost as big as she is as well!  Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather, my clever little baby girl.

Just to make a great day perfect, my travelling companions also did really well too - congratulations to Kate Ekanger of Cloudborn cats on winning Best of Breed with her Devon Rex and La Perm babies, and Heather and Richard of Cagaran cats on making a bit of breed history with their Tiffanie girl being the first of her breed to win an Olympian certificate, their Ocicat winning her certificate and their baby 'Ocinnian' being picked as best pet!  Special congratulations also to the magnificent usual Aby, Coen, and his owner Leanne as he made major breed history by becoming the first-ever shorthair cat to win an Olympian title.  Coen was, of course bred by Louise and David Miskelly of Glendavan Abyssinians.

22 October 2011 - Yorkshire County Cat Club show

Just a quick update on another happy show day... Congratulations again to Dushenka Belucia on winning Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten again, together with a total of three 1st prizes. Her daddy, Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel was Best of Breed Russian Blue neuter, won his second Imperial Grand certificate and went on to win Best of Variety Foreign Neuter - again!!

8 October 2011 - Cumberland Cat Club show

Congratulations again to my lovely girls on their successful day:
- Gr Ch Dushenka Tashabella looking rather magnificent on the day, Tasha won the Reserve Imperial Grand Certificate again
- Dushenka Belucia on her sixth consecutive open class win, Lucy also won Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten for the fifth time together with another 1st and 2nd in side classes, and was also nominated for Best in Show.
- Dushenka Carabella came 2nd to Lucy in the open class, but I am delighted to say that she won 1st in the class where Lucy came 2nd. 

1 October 2011 - Russian Blue Breeders Association show

A long day, and a busy one too as I had been invited to judge household pets at the show today, and had also 'borrowed' three cats for the show. It wasn't Xaria's day after a close encounter with oily, tarry dirt and sawdust had resulted in her being scrubbed clean of ikky sticky stuff two days before the show (silly girl!) but Karen had very kindly let me borrow Zach and Stan again, who both had a great day! Many congratulations to:
- Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel,
who won the Imperial certificate at his first try, 1st prize in all his classes, six trophies and Best in Show Neuter Male
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav, gracefully moving aside in the Imperial class for Zach, but still winning 1st in all his three side classes, plus being the subject in the overall winner in the club's photo competition!

Xaria's owners Heather and Richard very kindly gave us all a lift to the show again, before heading off to the Ocicat show where their girls picked up their first Grand and first Master Cat certificates, so it was a good day all round.

Best of all, the worst kept secret is now officially out! I have a new cat named Leo, who is the most gorgeous, purry, cuddly Russian Blue boy you could imagine. Leo came over from Holland on Wednesday from Yasmin Wijnands, who I will never be able to thank enough for letting me have this darling boy. Many thanks also to Judith and Jane who took him on the first two steps of his journey home. Photos will follow soon, but it's now quarter to midnight and we're still not home... just had to share the excitement and joy of the day!


24 September 2011 - North West Cat Club show


It was a lovely day for all three of my girls today, with Gr Ch Dushenka Tashabella winning the Reserve Imperial Certificate, Ch Dushenka Ysabella winning her first Grand Challenge and Dushenka Belucia winning Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten again - all three achieved some excellent placings in side classes too, and were a pleasure to cuddle all day long.  I was also delighted to see Lucy's grandfather, Ziva's dad, the very handsome Gr Ch Melkelter Merry Monarch win Best of Breed and the Imperial Grand Challenge certificate - it was great to see him again and remind myself just how sweet-natured and stunning he is!





21 September 2011


My dear old lady Stella, Champion Siykat Stella Dushenka, celebrated her 15th birthday today.  I have so much to be grateful for in my wonderful girl - she has been a fantastic and loving companion for 15 years and now has me trained pretty well to understand her every whim!  I can hardly believe that I have seven generations of descendents from her, starting with her daughter Bella, through Sophie, Tasha, Xander and Yzzy to her great-great-great-great-great grandchildren, Lucy, and Ziva's baby kittens.  She had her favourite chicken for breakfast, tuna for dinner and cuddles throughout the day - just as she likes it. 



17 September 2011 - Scotia Cat Fanciers show


Another great day for a Dushenka baby with Dushenka Carabella winning her open class and Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten, a further two 1st prizes and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten - the fourth Dushenka to win a Best of Variety award this year, and the fifth consecutive show where a Dushenka has taken a Best of Variety/Best in Show win!  Many thanks to her owners, the Pontellos, for showing her so well.




10 September 2011 - Northern Counties Cat Club show


A great day for my darling Lucy-Lou  Dushenka Belucia who won her open class and Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten, 1st prizes in all three of her side classes - a 'red card' day - and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten again.  And all this before she is even 6 months old!



27 August 2011 - Teesside Cat Club show


Another very happy day for us, with some great wins again for my happy cats!  Many congratulations to

- Dushenka Blue Basil won his open class, Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten, and a further two 1st prizes and one 2nd in a large class - sweet Basil was also nominated for Best in Show

- Dushenka Czar Koreshki on his show debut, 2nd to Basil in his open class, and placed well in all his classes -  definitely not 2nd in terms of his enjoyment of the day, what a purr-bomb!
- Dushenka Belucia, like her brother Basil won three 1sts and one 2nd in her four classes
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav picked up another 1st prize and very kindly donated his luck to Zach again!
- GRAND PREMIER Dushenka Zerachiel won his third Grand Premier Certificate and new title, in the minimum possible number of shows, Best of Breed Russian Blue neuter, and Best of Variety Foreign Neuter again!


Photos: Lucy and Basil - - -  all three Snoogle-Poogles, aka Basil. Lucy and Korei - - - Stan and Zach


Special congratulations also to my travelling companions, Heather and Richard on taking home two new title holders, their Ocicat neuter Breckin; and their first home-bred champion, their lovely Tiffanie girl Fiona, now Champion Cagaran Beannachd-Fionn - the first of many I am sure! 
Congratulations also to my baby boy's new owners Donna and Dave on their Russian Blue boy becoming Imperial GrCh Kashyk Czar Dombrovski!


13 August 2011 - Chester & North Wales Cat Club show


It was another fantastic day for the Dushenka clan - still reeling a bit from (pleasant) shock at our successes!  Better than all that though, they all clearly enjoyed themselves being happy, purry and playful all day long.

- Dushenka Blue Basil won his open class, Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten, and a further two 1st prizes and one 3rd in a large class
- Dushenka Carabella had a successful show debut winning 1st in her open class too, together with another 1st and 2nd prize in a massive class, where the judge commented very favourably on the quality of all the kittens entered.  In between times she greatly enjoyed climbing inside her pen like a little monkey, and spent a lot of time lolling in her human daddy's arms - not that he seemed to mind, did you Lenny?!
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav amassed another 1st and three 2nd prizes in his four classes
- Premier Dushenka Zerachiel who won his second Grand Premier Certificate, Best of Breed Russian Blue neuter, two more 1st prizes, Best of Variety Foreign Neuter, Best in Show Foreign Exhibit and.... OMG, he did it again - Overall Best In Show Exhibit!!
Karen and I were so good, and very determinedly Did Not Cry when he went up to his Best in Show pen, but I must admit I started to bubble a bit when I heard the BIS judge praise him as she was judging him, and we both gave up all pretence of calmness when he was announced as the Best of the Best.  Then again, so many people were celebrating with us we didn't feel too ashamed of being such cry-babies again!


It was a real RACCS day - congratulations to our friends on their successes too: Ian and Caroline Thomson of Saladin Abyssinians saw their usual Aby boy Starbuck made up to Champion, and their magnificent Sorrel boy Benny was made up to Grand Champion and won Best of Variety Foreign Adult; Maggie Horner's baby Usual Aby Daisy won Best of Breed and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten - and her excited yell as Zach was announced as BIS surely qualified Maggie for an award too!  Daisy was of course bred by the Pontellos, who now own Cara (nothing like keeping it in the family after all!)  and also gave me and Karen and all our cats a lift to the show.


Not great lighting in this hall, so the colour in these photos looks a bit odd again - but you get the general idea!



6 August 2011 - Scottish Rexfest


A bit of a surprise to me to see Xaria today, as the Rexfest is for curly cats of all persuasions, and not Russian Blues.  However, Xaria was there just as a much-loved pedigree pet to support one of our favourite shows.  Xaria being the competitive little soul that she is, decided that just attending to support the show was not enough for her and she ended up winning Best in Show Pet Cat!  Many thanks to Jean Godfrey for choosing her x




5 August 2011 - RBBA points competition winners


Results of the RBBA - Russian Blue Breeders Association - points competition have just been published, with great results again for my stars of 2010:

- Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Xariabella won the Vanya Memorial trophy for top scoring female neuter, and the Globury points trophy for the overall RBBA Top Cat of the Year!
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav won the Delos Angelo memorial bowl for Top Male Neuter of 2010
- Dushenka Zivabella won the Cherubin kitten cup for top female kitten and Sashova kitten cup for being Top Kitten of 2010 - her brother Dushenka Zerachiel was runner-up to the top male kitten
- Grand Champion Troika Ivan Tsarevich won the Katzka cup for 2nd top male adult
- Champion & Grand Premier Dushenka Xander won the GrPr Curtilla Rachmaninoff cup for first male neuter of the year to win the Grand Premier title
- Ch Dushenka Tashabella, GrCh Dushenka Sophia Bella and Ch Dushenka Ysabella also placed well, all contributing to our winning the Glasnost trophy for second top scoring prefix!


23 July 2011 - Edinburgh show

It was a boiling hot day at the Edinburgh show, but with the help of some fans and plenty of water my babies kept their cool as usual.  All four Dushenka cats at the show won their open classes, together with the desired certificates and Best of Breed awards, so I was very happy again!  Many congratulations to:
- Premier Dushenka Zerachiel who won his first Grand Premier Certificate at his first try, and against really strong competition.  Zach also won Best of Breed again, two more 1st prizes and was nominated for Best in Show;
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav
also had a great day, winning his third Imperial Grand Premier certificate placing well in side classes, including another 1st, and being awarded the trophy for best foreign neuter

Zach's babies had another good day too:

- Dushenka Belucia won her open class, Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten and Dushenka Blue Basil won 1st in his open class too.  They also placed in every class, amassing a further 1st, 2 x 2nd and 3 x 3rd prizes in between their usual major purring, cuddling and snoogling sessions!


15 July 2011


I just couldn't resist posting this - Karen's beautiful boys Stan and Zach being judged the Zooplus Pets of the Day!  Well, they are a very photogenic pair of cats...











18 June 2011 - Humber/Lincs shows


It was another great day for my cats today, down at two back-to-back shows in Doncaster.  I had Basil and Ziva with me, with both of them having good days:

- CHAMPION Dushenka Zivabella
won her second and third Challenge Certificates and her title, along with 3 x 1st prizes and 2 x 2nds; and one Best of Breed Russian Blue adult against some really strong competition - nine stunning adults, including her own dad!
- Dushenka Blue Basil
won 3 x 1st prizes, 3 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, and a Best of Breed too!

Both Ziva and Basil were amazingly 'snoogly' all day - all purrs, kisses and cuddles - and gained loads of new fans.


Photos below: Basil amongst his ribbons; Basil giving my hand a wash; Ziva looking just Champion!

18 June 2011 - Lakeland & District Cat Club show (three lots of photos at the end of this piece)


It was a special day today, with six Dushenka cats and my darling Teddycakes all in competition, including two of Tasha's babies making their show debut.  Cats I own and/or bred won Best of Breed Russian Blue adult, kitten and neuter, plus we took home a new title and a Best in Show win too! Congratulations again to the gang for all their fantastic wins today:

- GRAND CHAMPION Dushenka Tashabella
won her third Grand Challenge Certificate and her new title.  I am so delighted with my darling crazy Crasha, who on the day was all dignified calm, and looked every inch the Grand Champion she became
- Premier Dushenka Zerachiel
won his fourth Premier Certificate and Best of Breed again; and his great-uncle
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav
won 2nd in his class too

- Grand Champion Troika Ivan Tsarevich won Best of Breed Adult and the reserve Imperial Grand certificate


Special congratulations to Zach and Tasha's kittens on their successful show debut, both of whom won everyone over by purring and kissing their way through the day:

- Dushenka Blue Basil, who won two 1sts, including his open class, a 2nd and 3rd in his four classes
- Dushenka Belucia,
on her utterly amazing introduction to the show scene, she won Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten, Best of Variety Foreign Kitten and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit - at the 'grand old age' of 14 weeks!!!  This is even better than her daddy Zach did at the same show last year, when he too was 14 weeks old and won best of Variety Foreign Kitten.  Lucy is a sixth generation best of variety/best in show winner for my prefix, and I couldn't be more proud of her.  She is also my third Best in Show winner this year, following in the pawprints of her superstar relatives daddy Zach and great-aunt Xaria.


Congratulations also to Heather and Richard's lovely 'fluffy', and our travelling companion, their Tiffanie girl Dàrna on being made up to Grand too - and very well done to Teddy's niece Roksi who was made up to Champion.   Thanks to Roksi and her dad Nici for contributing some of their fish to Teddy for his lunch - he was well-impressed!


Beautiful big boys: Stan; Zach; and Teddy (who was being a cuddly plonker again!)


My special supermum, now my Grand Tasha; sweet Basil; and superstar Lucy (she is in there, honest)


And more of Lucy...  With senior judge, Mrs Joyce Green being judged at overall Best in Show; and two of her admiring her rosettes, which looked bigger than her!



28 May 2011 - Durham County Cat Club show


Congratulations again to Stan and Zach on yet another excellent day, and to superstar Xaria too!
- PREMIER Dushenka Zerachiel won his third Premier Certificate and title at his third show as a neuter, plus two more 1st prizes
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav
won his second Imperial Grand Premier Certificate, another Grand Premier certificate and 1st in all his classes
- Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Xariabella, on shiningly good form, won another Imperial Grand Certificate, Best of Breed Russian Blue neuter, Best of Variety Foreign Neuter and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit - again!!


Many thanks to the boys' owners Karen and Darren, and Xaria's Heather and Richard, for showing these darlings so well.  Congratulations also to Heather and Richard's lovely 'fluffies', their Tiffanie girls Dàrna and Fiona, on their wins.



14 May 2011 - Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club show


Congratulations again to Stan and Zach on another good day, with Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav winning 2 x 1st and 2 x 2nd prizes in his four classes, including the reserve Grand Premier certificate, and Dushenka Zerachiel winning his second Premier Certificate, Best of Breed, two more 1st prizes and being nominated for Best In Show. Well done boys!




16 April 2011 - Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland show


I didn't have any any of my own cats entered today, but Stan and Zach were both there flying the flag for Dushenka cats in style!  Many congratulations to Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav, on winning another Grand Premier certificate and the reserve Imperial Grand too.

Special congratulations to Dushenka Zerachiel, who at his first show as a neuter won his first Premier Certificate, Best of Breed and delighted us by winning Best of Variety Foreign Neuter.  But that wasn't enough for our Zach, who impressed the judges so much that he was then whisked away to the best in show pens as Best in Show Foreign Exhibit, and in a nail-biting finale, was shortlisted to the final three cats - and was then awarded Overall Best in Show Exhibit!  This award is so rarely won by Russian Blues, and is the first time in 30 years of breeding one of my kittens has won this accolade.  Yes, you've guessed it, I blubbered like a baby again...


26 February 2011 - Preston & Blackpool Cat Club show

We had a good day today, with little Ziva holding her own in a really strong open class to come 2nd, and also winning two 1st prizes and another 2nd in her side classes.

Teddy was my star of the day, winning his third Grand Challenge Certificate, and his eighth Challenge too, to become GRAND CHAMPION Troika Ivan Tsarevich
We enjoyed major cuddles all day long, and both Ziva and Teddy won over a lot of new admirers with their sweet and loving ways.

Congratulations to my travelling companions Heather and Richard, whose lovely Tiffanie kitten Fiona also won best in Show Foreign Exhibit - we celebrated our double successes with a nice bottle of pink champagne when we got home!
Photos (c) Sean Farrell


12 February 2011 - Scottish Cat Club show


Our first show of 2011, and what a great day we had, with five Dushenka cats present and all five winning certificates on the day!

- Champion Dushenka Ysabella won the reserve Grand Challenge Certificate at her first shot in the Grand class and saw both her kittens do very well too...
Dushenka Zivabella
won her first Challenge Certificate at her first adult show
- Dushenka Zerachiel also won his first Challenge Certificate at his first adult show, but went one better than his sister by also winning Best of Breed Russian Blue adult in really strong competition, 1st in all his classes and finished by being nominated for Best in Section.  Not to be outdone, Zach's pal

- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav won his seventh Premier Certificate, Best of Breed Russian Blue neuter and his first Imperial certificate at his first try!

Last, but most assuredly not least, superstar Xaria won her fifth Imperial certificate to become
, Scotland's first-ever Imperial-titled Russian Blue!

Different cameras produce very different results in the hall lighting - all my cats are actually a nice blue-grey and not brownish at all!


9 January 2011


Great news just in of Dushenka successes in the RACCS 2010 Cat of the Year competition:

- Dushenka Zivabella was Top Russian Kitten

- Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav was Top Male Russian Neuter

But confirming her superstar status, Grand Premier Dushenka Xariabella slayed 'em all again!!

- Top Female Russian Neuter - Top Russian Neuter

- Top Russian Exhibit and

... RACCS Cat of the Year 2010!

Xaria is the first-ever Russian to win this accolade, and I am very, very proud of her.

Congratulations to my lovely girls who produced all the winning Dushenka cats in 2010. Their contribution was also recognised, with Tasha being 2nd in the Top Russian Queen table (only being beaten by Teddy's mum), Yzzy being 7th, Bella 9th and Sophie 13th.


1 January 2011


Happy New Year to everyone - here's to a successful year with loads of kittens to cuddle!

Looking back over 2010…

It was another great show year for my cats who over the course of 2010 won five new titles; a phenomenal 58 certificates; and four best in show/best of variety wins.  Special congratulations again to my new title holders: 
Champion & Grand Premier Dushenka Xander – my darling ‘senior Snoogle' who won two Grand Premier certificates and his third title
- Champion Dushenka Ysabella
- Xander's daughter, my little miracle Yzzy, on her only show outing of the year won her third Challenge Certificate and title
Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav – who in just seven shows won two titles becoming the seventh Dushenka to win a Grand title.  He won a total of six Premier Certificates, three Grand Premier certificates and one reserve Grand over the year
Champion Troika Ivan Tsarevich – sweet Teddycakes won his title, and a total of six Challenge Certificates (taking his total to seven), two Grand Challenges and three reserve Grands over the year

My other winners included Yzzy's two beautiful babies:

· Dushenka Zerachiel who won Best of Variety Foreign Kitten on his show debut, and a total of four open class wins, two Best of Breed wins and 16 x 1st prizes

· Dushenka Zivabella, who won five open classes, was Best of Breed four times and won 17 x 1st prizes during the year

Xander's mum:
· Champion Dushenka Tashabella,
who won her second Grand Challenge and her seventh reserve Grand Challenge

And Xander's litter sister, my superstar of 2010

· Grand Premier Dushenka Xariabella, who won 16 Premier Certificates, four Imperial Grands, seven reserve Imperials, a UK Grand, 17 x Best of Breed wins, two Best of Variety wins and a Best in Show Foreign win and clearly enjoyed every moment of all her shows, making up to her judges quite shamelessly!

Many thanks again to Lorraine, Maureen and Lenny Pontello of Pontaby Abyssinians, Xaria's owners Heather McRae and Richard Gabb of Cagaran cats, and Ian Thomson of Saladin Abyssinians, for helping us to get to and from shows. My thanks again to Clare Bandy of Troika Russian Blues for letting me have my adorable Teddycakes, and Karen Hettman, Stan and Zach's devoted owner, for showing these boys so well.