About my cats


I have shared my home with Russian Blue cats since 1978, starting with my beautiful boy, Champion Saphiriken Beau Bellis (1976-1991).  All my kittens are directly descended from Beau, and share his gentle expression and sweet nature.


In terms of temperament, if you are looking for a subtle, affectionate, home-loving cat the Russian Blue may well be for you.  Their looks speak for themselves!  Russian Blues are elegant without being too slim, with large ears, meltingly soft green eyes, and fur that is short, silky, dense and plushy with an almost iridescent silvery sheen that is just made for stroking - quite irresistible.  The Russian Blue breed has an interesting history, with today's Russian Blues all being descended from cats imported in the 1890s.


I have cats ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years old, representing seven generations of my breeding.  You can read more about them here:

My girls My boys Retirees In loving memory Roll of honour
Grand Champion Dushenka Mirabella Grand Champion Dushenka Sophia Bella Grand Champion Dushenka Tashabella Champion Dushenka Ysabella














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