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15 December 2018 - Maidstone show

Our last show of the year, and we travelled in luxury on the overnight sleeper, much to the delight of my feline companions!
- IGr Ch Dushenka Rafael won Best of Breed;
His daughter and granddaughter both enjoyed themselves too:
- Dushenka Zinevra, charmed her way to Best of Breed again in a lovely line-up of four Russian Blue kittens
- Dushenka Annabella also made her show debut , wining a 1st, two 2nds and a 3rd in her four classes

17 November 2018 - Cheshire show

We had a lovely day at the Cheshire show - happy-tears time! Many congratulations to all four of my lovelies:
- Dushenka Zelazny, who won two 1sts and two 3rds on his show debut and happily made up to everyone he laid paws on;
His litter sister
- Dushenka Zinevra, who charmed her way to Best of Breed and straight 1st prizes on her show debut
Their dad:
- IGr Ch Dushenka Rafael, who won the reserve Olympian and Best of Breed
And our superstar Lucy, Rafa's mum, and Ginny and Roger's grandmother
- IGr Ch & IGr Pr Dushenka Belucia, who again won Best of Breed, 1st in all her side classes, Best Section 4 Neuter and finished her day at the front of the show hall as Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit, finally being reserve best to the overall best in show, a lovely British girl.

Many thanks to Charlotte for being so kind and giving us a lift home from the show as well - and congratulations to your lovely girl on her successful day too!

Lucy is, of course, the daughter of my beloved Tasha, who I lost on 8 November. I almost didn't go to the show as it has been a struggle without her, but her descendents did her proud today.

25 October 2018 - The Supreme Show

Just the one cat with me today, and I am so very proud of my handsome boy:
- IGr Ch Dushenka Rafael , who won his first UK Certificate on his first try
Congratulations also to Dawn's boy Zeus, Rafa's son, who won his fourth Imperial certificate as well (and two weeks later at the Cumberland show won his fifth certificate and title!).

13 October 2018 - Edinburgh & East of Scotland show

We had a lovely day at the Edinburgh show, with some great results! Many congratulations to:
- Dushenka Wolfgang-Amadeus, who won his second Premier Certificate
- Premier Dushenka Vanda Blue-Orchid, who won her third Premier Certificate and title
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Theodorus, who won his fifth Imperial certificate and title
And our superstar Lucy, Theo's mum, and Wolfgang's and Vanda's grandmother
- IGr Ch & IGr Pr Dushenka Belucia, who won the reserve Olympian in a really strong class, Best of Breed, 1st in her side classes and finished her day at the front of the show hall as Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit!

Many thanks to Karen and Darren, and Heather, for bringing their lovely cats to the show, and to Tracey for giving us a lift to and from the show as well - all adding up to a great day! Congratulations also to Margaret's girl Tuppence, Dukey's daughter, who won her second Grand certificate as well.

In loving memory of Sophie

September was a sad month as I had to say goodbye to my dear old lady Sophie, and nurse her daughter Tasha through some major surgery. As ever, Xander looked after me through my grief. I miss Sophie's quiet presence so much.

28 July 2018 - Humberside & Lincolnshire shows

My precious Lucy, IGrCh & IGrPr Dushenka Belucia, had another great day, winning Best of Breed neuter and Best Section 4 (Foreign) Neuter in the Hunberside show! IGrCh Dushenka Rafael won the reserve Olympian in both shows, his daughter, Dushenka Xena Tanzanite won the Challenge certificate in both shows and her stable-mate Gr Ch Miakush Asgier Zeus won the Imperial in both shows!

14 July 2018 - Scotia show

I wasn't entered in this show, but was pleased to see Margaret's girl Ch Dushenka Norma Jean win the reserve Grand certificate, and Dushenka Wolfgang-Amadeus and Dushenka Vanda Blue-Orchid both winning their Premier certificates too - thank you to their proud owners Karen & Darren, and Heather P for showing them so well.

16 June 2018 - Herts&Mdx and Kensington shows

Another long-distance trip and another pretty good day too! Rafa had a good day, placing 3rd in the Olympian in both shows, and Best of Breed in the Herts show. It was lovely to see his son again, Dushenka Vasili Sweet-Basil, who won the Challenge certificate in both shows, his daughter Dushenka Xoriana-Agata won Best of Breed in both shows, and Lucy was Best of Breed in the Kensington show.

Congratulations go to Rafa's son Zeus again, who won the reserve Imperial and Imperial certificates, and Best of Breed in the Kensington show

2 June 2018 - Bristol and Cambria shows

We had a wonderful day at these shows! I am burstingly proud of darling Rafa, IGrCh Dushenka Rafael, who won the Olympian in both shows!! He was also Best of Breed in the Bristol show, and went on to win Best Section 4 (Foreign) adult too, as well as a special Judge's Award. Pinklet is now Champion Dushenka Wilhemina Pinkletink, having won her qualifying Challenge certificate, Dawn's baby girl Dushenka Xena Tanzanite won Best of Breed in both shows, and Lucy managed a very respectable 3rd and 4th in the Olympian as well as a Best of Breed.

Special congratulations go to Rafa's son Zeus again, who won the Grand certificate in both shows, Best of Breed in the Cambria show, and Best Section 4 Exhibit in the Cambria show too!

12 May 2018 - Nor'East of Scotland show

I always enjoy this show, win or lose - but have to admit it is more fun when we win!! Darling Lucy, IGrCh & IGrPr Dushenka Belucia, really pulled out the stops today, winning Best of Breed neuter, the Olympian certificate and Best Foreign Neuter! Batman was Best of Breed Adult, Pinkletink won her second Challenge certificate, Aggie-Bluebell made a successful show debut, winning Best of Breed kitten, and I got cuddles with Mac and Vonnie again :)

14 April 2018 - Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland show

I couldn't actually get to this show, so many thanks to Dawn who took Pinkletink along for her first adult show - she won the Challenge certificate and best of breed, so I was very happy! Congratulations also to her auntie Vonny, Dushenka Veronica Speedwell, who won the Premier Certificate and Best of Breed.

24 March 2018 - Preston & Blackpool show

Delighted to say that Lucy and Pinklet both won their Best of Breed awards again!

10 March 2018 - Lancashire show

Congratulations again to my lovely Lucy, who won the reserve Olympian certificate, and Pinkletink who won another Best of Breed kitten.

24 February 2018 - Coventry & Leicester show

Congratulations to all my girls again, Lucy and Pinkletink who won Best of Breed neuter and kitten respectively, and Viola, who won the reserve Grand her first time in the class.

3 February 2018 - Gwynedd and Shropshire shows

I am so proud of my young girl Viola, now Champion Dushenka Viola Heartsease, who won the Challenge certificate in both shows today, making her a Champion in the minimum possible number of shows. Dushenka Wilhemina Pinkletink won Best of Breed kitten in both shows and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten in the Shropshire show, and Sparkle won the Grand in both shows too, making her Grand Premier Dushenka Stardust Lady. Not a bad day!!

20 January 2018 - Short Hair Cat Society show

Another great show day, although this time I had a rather more maneagable number of cats with me! I am delighted to say that my beloved Lucy has now added another title to her collection and is now I Gr Ch & Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Belucia. Viola had another great day, winning her second Challenge certificate and Best of Breed in strong competition, Sparkle won her Grand certificate, and Pinkletink won her breed class again, ceding best of breed to Dawn's boy Zeus.

6 January 2018 - Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland show

Our first show of the year, and what a day we had!! Huge congratulations to all our certificate winners: Rafa, Theo, Vi, Lucy, Sparkle and Xander (a particularly poignant moment for us as Xander won the Olympian to celebrate his 10th birthday, and to honour the memory of his sister, Tracey's precious princess Xaria).

Special thanks to all our kitten owners who
brought their babies along to support the show, and congratulations to Karen and Wolfgang on his breed class win; Fraser and Miranda on Sibby and Leo's Grand and reserve Grand, with Sibby now rejoicing in his new title Grand Premier Dushenka Feliks; Laura on Mac's Premier certificate; Heather P on Vanda's Premier certificate and all their side class wins too. I am so proud of all of you x

I am especially proud of my Best of Variety winners:
- Dushenka
Wilhemina Pinkletink - Best Female Russian Kitten
- Dushenka Viola Heartsease - at her first adult show, Best Female Russian Adult
- Gr Ch Dushenka Theodorus - Best
Male Russian Adult, and Best in Show Russian Adult
- IGr Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Belucia- Best Female Russian Neuter;
Best in Show Russian Neuter; Best Russian Exhibit... and Overall Best in Show Exhibit!

1 January 2018

Happy New Year to everybody!

Looking back over 2017

It was another good show year for my cats who over the course of 2017 won 11 new titles; 57 certificates; and 18 best in show/best of variety wins, including one Overall Best in Show.  Special congratulations again to my new title holders:

- UK & Olympian Bronze IGrCh Dushenka Orphiel
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Rafael

- IGrCh & Grand Premier Dushenka Belucia
- Grand Champion Dushenka Theodorus
IGrCh & Premier Dushenka Zivabella
- Champion Dushenka Norma Jean

- Premier Dushenka Stardust-Lady

My other winners included Gr Pr Dushenka Optimus Prime, who won a reserve Imperial; Gr Ch Alyona Eremey Tsar won an Imperial and reserve Imperial certificate; Ch & IGrPr Dushenka Xander won a reserve Olympian; Gr Ch Dushenka Jingle-Belle won an Imperial certificate; and Mac who won a MasterCat certificate.   The babies Vasiliy Sweet-Basil, Vinca Mjr Periwinkle, Vanda Blue-Orchid, Vonnie, Wolfgang-Amadeus, Wilhemina Pinkletink and Viola Heartsease also took off a bunch of prizes too.

Special thanks also to Heather & Richard of Cagaran Cats, Andy Elliott and Kristi Stewart of Truevine Nebelungs and Ian Thomson of Saladin Abyssinians, who helped us get to and from shows at various points throughout the year.  Thanks also to all my lovely kitten owners for showing their cats: Karen and Darren; Laura and James, Heather P as well as Dawn and Margaret.