News - 2014
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6 December 2014 - Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland (RACCS) show

It's hard to know where to start with this show... 17 Dushenka cats entered and present.  First of all, my especial thanks to all my kitten owners who brought their cats to this show - Tracey; Heather & William; Karen & Darren; Dawn; Donna & Dave; Lorraine & Sarah-Ruth; Margaret; and Susan - and congratulations on your wins!  It was a fantastic day with eleven certificate winners, including four Olympians, one new title, five category winners and two Best in Show winners! I am so proud of all my winners, pedigree and pet - many congratulations to:

- Champion & Premier Dushenka Hanabella, won her third Premier Certificate in a row, and 1st in every class - a "red card day".  Huge congratulations to little Hana-pom-pom and her proud mum Susan!
- Dushenka Orphiel won
1st in every class - a "red card day", Best Russian Male Kitten, Best of Breed, and ended his day in a best in show pen as Best Russian Kitten - well done Batman!
- Dushenka Norma-Jean, 1st in every class - a "red card day" - and Best Russian Female Kitten - well done Margaret, looks like you were right about this girl!
- Gr Ch Dushenka Czar Koreshki, won the reserve Imperial Certificate, and Best Russian Adult Male.  Thank you Donna and Dave - I really enjoyed my cuddles with this handsome boy the night before too
- UK & IGr Pr Dushenka Xariabella who won the Olympian Certificate and another two 1st prizes, but very graciously allowed her brother Xander to win the 'greenest eyes' class! Thank you so much Tracey for bringing this pretty princess, and for all your help with my cats too
- IGMC Stanley won his first Olympian certificate at his first try - so very proud of this dear old gentleman and his loving owners Karen and Darren
- IGMC Fen won her first Olympian certificate at her first try - congratulations to Fen and her owner Pamela, also did rather well with her little pet girl Mitsi on the day!
- GMC Dorable won her first Imperial certificate at her first try - such a contented girl, obviously loves her human mums Lorraine and Sarah-Ruth, as does her daughter...
- Lily-Belle who won her first MasterCat certificate at her first try, and is just so ridiculously cute!

- Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Xander, after a break from showing of over 4 years my dear, sweet Xander was back happily purring and playing with everyone - and he won his reserve Imperial certificate, and another three 1st prizes, including the special class for Greenest Eyes!

- Gr Ch Dushenka Belucia, won her first Imperial certificate at her first try, and enjoyed a "red card day".  I was particularly proud that she and her son Orphiel together won the 'Best Brace' class on the day
- Gr Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Tashabella, won her reserve Imperial certificate, and another three 1st prizes
- Dushenka Optimus Prime, who on his show debut won three 1st prizes and a 2nd, plus his pal Dushenka Miakush, who won 1st in all his side classes, and 3rd in his breed class - thank you Dawn for bringing both your handsome boys!
- Dushenka Marvin - 2nd in his breed class, and 1st in all of his side classes, with many thanks to his adoring owners Heather and William for bringing him and also the little superstar Bluebell of whom more below...
- Ch Alyona Eremey Tsar, father to Orphiel, Norma-Jean, Optimus Prime and Bluebell, my darling Squidgy boy won the reserve Grand certificate and the award for Best Coat Texture - again!

But the two Dushenka Superstars on the day were Zach (again!!) and baby Bluebell:

Overall Best Pet: Bluebell
1st in every class including Prettiest Female and Best Temperament, Best in Colour, Best Pedigree Pet, Best in Show Pet - what a show debut for her owners!

Overall Best Pedigree: UK&OSIGrPr Dushenka Zerachiel

Well really, what can I say?! I think Zach was as surprised as me and Karen, but he did win his first Gold Olympian on the day, Best of Breed, 1st in every class, best male neuter, best Russian neuter, Best Russian and Overall Best in Show - for the second year on the trot! This was Zach's seventh overall best in show win.  Zach is also the father of Imperial winner Belucia, and through her the grandfather of two more best in show winners, Dushenka Orphiel and Bluebell, plus great-grandfather of best female Russian kitten Dushenka Norma-Jean.

8 November 2014 - Cheshire Area show, and Caledonian show

Another good show day with four Imperial certificate winners and two new titles for Dushenka cats - many congratulations to:

- Imperial Grand MasterCat Stanley, now 10 years old and still a winner!  Stanley won his fifth Imperial, Best in Colour, and 1st in another strong side class
- Imperial Grand MasterCat Fen, up at the Caledonian show Fen also won her fifth Imperial and Best in Colour
- Gr Ch Dushenka Czar Koreshki, won his third Imperial Certificate, handsome man that he is
- Gr Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Tashabella, won her Imperial certificate, Best of Breed and another two 1st prizes


Special thanks to Korei's humans Donna and Dave Johnson, Fen's mum Pamela White and Stanley's humans Karen and Darren Nugent for showing their cats so beautifully - love you all!

4 October 2014 - Russian Blue Breeders Association show

It was the first time I had entered my own cats in this show for... longer than I care to admit in public!  It was a lovely show, and my debutante kittens certainly lapped up the attention!  Congratulations to:

- Grand MasterCat Dorable who won her second and third Grand  certificates, Best in Colour, 1st in every class and Best in Show Pedigree Pet!
- Dushenka Orphiel, who won his breed class, another two 1st prizes and one 3rd in his four classes
- Dushenka Oribel, who won two 1sts and a 3rd prize and as usual behaved as if she didn't have an 'off-switch'!

September 2014 - Scotia Cat Fanciers show

Congratulations to the Dushenka cats present at this show who enjoyed some excellent wins:

- UK & Olympian Silver IGr Pr Dushenka Zerachiel who won his qualifying Silver Olympian certificate and Best of Breed neuter - another breed first for the wonderful Zach!
- GMC Stanley, who won Best in Colour
- GMC Fen, who won her fourth Imperial Grand Master certificate
- Dushenka Norma-Jean, 2nd in her breed class and placing well in her side classes.

23 August 2014 - Teesside Cat Club show

I just had two cats with me today and enjoyed loads of cuddles with both of them all afternoon
.  Congratulations to:

- Gr Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Tashabella who won her third Imperial certificate, Best of Breed, and a further two 1st prizes and one 2nd in her other three classes,  even though she is now looking a bit 'solid' in build!
- Gr Ch Dushenka Gabriel
won a 1st and two 3rd prizes in good classes, my sweet boy

Thanks again to Heather and Richard of Cagaran Cats for the lift to and from the show, and the kitten cuddles on the way home!

2 August 2014 - Scottish Rex Cat Club show

Although the pedigree classes were only for rexed breeds (ie curly-coated cats) I took along a couple of pedigree pets, plus Gabe on exhibition.  Congratulations to:

- MC Dorable who won her first Grand MasterCat certificate at her first attempt in the Grand class, plus Most Playful Cat!
- Norman II who won his colour class and Best in Colour, plus Most Playful Kitten!

I am so very proud of both Dorable and Norman II for showing so clearly the sweet gentle and playful nature of happy Russian Blues.


19 July 2014 - Edinburgh show

I wasn't entered in this show, but was delighted to cheer on Lucy's big boys:
Premier Dushenka Feliks and Dushenka Frederik, with Feliks being the star today - it was his turn! - winning three 1sts and one 2nd in his four classes, his third Premier Certificate and title.  This represents a bit of a milestone for my cats as he is also the 30th cat I have bred to win a show title!

Thank you again to Leo and Sibby's owners Miranda and Fraser for showing the boys so beautifully.

12 July 2014 - Eastern Counties show

Another trip down south to stay with friends with Jingle and two of her babies:
- Ch Dushenka Jingle-Belle won Best of Breed at her first show since raising her wonderful seven mini-Squidges
- Dushenka Nathaniel and Dushenka Norma-Jean who took home six 1st prizes and one 2nd, plus Best of Breed kitten and had super fun, getting cuddles from loads of people at the show and on the long train journey home

21 June 2014 - Lakeland Show

I always enjoy this show, which is timed nicely to form part of my own birthday celebrations :-) This year I took three adults and three kittens, plus cheered on Karen's beautiful boys Stan and Zach.  Congratulations to:
- Ch Alyona Eremey Tsar who won his second Grand Challenge, and was splendidly silly as ever!
- Gr Ch Dushenka Duke Ellington who won the reserve Imperial
- Gr Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Tashabella who won the reserve Imperial
- UK & OBI Gr Pr Dushenka Zerachiel who won the reserve Olympian, Best of Breed neuter and 1st in all his side classes, being cheered on by the ever-handsome GMC Stanley
- the babies: Nathaniel, Nikolas and Norma-Jean, who charmed everyone with their cute ways and brought home a total of two 1st prizes, two 2nds, two 3rds and three 4th prizes

1 June 2014 - A big birthday for Bella

My dear sweet baby Belle is celebrating her 16th birthday today - where have the years gone??    She has had a special dinner of chicken, and loads of cuddles, plus a special wash from her daughter Sophie.  I am sure her granddaughter Tasha was telling her all about her exploits at the show yesterday too!  Baby Belle will be forever young in my heart.

31 May - Durham Counties, and Northern Counties Cat Club shows

Still reeling in happy shock from our results at the double show! 

- Ch Alyona Eremey Tsar won his first Grand Challenge, and was his usual delightful Squidgy self :-)
- Ch Dushenka Hanabella made her show debut as a neuter, and won the Premier Certificate in both shows, and won a total of five 1st prizes and one 2nd in her six classes.  Well done Hana!

And our superstar of the day...
- Gr Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Tashabella
won the Imperial Grand Premier certificate and Best of Breed in both shows at her first try at that level, went on to win 1st in all her side classes, and then at the grand old age of 8 and a half, fulfilled a long-held dream of mine by winning Best of Variety Foreign Neuter - her first ever best of variety win.  But Tasha had obviously decided that today was *her* day, and reduced me to utter silence by winning
Best in Show Foreign Exhibit(if you have ever met me you will understand how astounding my silence will have seemed!!).  Even better, she was short-listed at overall best judging and was runner-up to the overall best in show exhibit!  I am so very proud of my darling girl, who holds a very special place in my heart.

I was also delighted to see my friend's rescue Russian MC Rasputin just a couple of pens up from Tasha as he won best pedigree Pet - Sarah-Ruth and I had a lovely little bubble together to see our beloved pets in the 'best' line-up.
Many thanks to Susan Fearon for braving the crazy world of cat shows for the first time to bring Hana, and to Heather McRae of Cagaran Cats for the lift to the show, and to everyone who was so happy for Tasha on the day. 

10 May - Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club show

Congratulations to the three Dushenka cats flying the flag for us today:
- UK & OB IGr Pr Dushenka Zerachiel who won the reserve Olympian certificate and Best of Breed, and was nominated for Best in Show
- UK & IGr Pr Dushenka Xariabella who won two 1sts and a 2nd, and was on top form, cheekily happy all day long
- GMC Stanley won his fourth Imperial Grand MasterCat certificate, Best in Colour and was also nominated for Best in Show!

Many thanks to Karen Hettmann and Tracey Hamilton for showing their cats so well.

26 April - Bedford and Cambridgeshire shows

We managed to fit in one show day for big Mac before he left home.  He greatly enjoyed the whole experience, from the long train journey, amusing all the passengers, to staying overnight at friends and then cuddling everyone he got his paws on at the show!  Congratulations to 
- Dushenka Macarius who won two 1st prizes, two 2nd prizes and a Best of Breed award

Special thanks to Kristi and Andy of TrueVine Nebelungs for having us to stay and getting us to and from the show too!

22 March - Preston & Blackpool Cat Club show

I always enjoy this show - great breakfast, lovely rosettes, and this year a full show hall too.  I had three cats with me, who all enjoyed their day too.
- Gr Ch & Gr Pr Dushenka Tashabella won a 'spare' reserve Grand Premier certificate and Best of Breed, and again was happy, cuddly and purry all day long
- Dushenka Klarabella won her second Challenge Certificate at her second adult show
- Dushenka Lily-Belle had another mixed day, coming home with a 1st and three 3rd prizes from her four classes.  Of course, I like marmite!!

Special congratulation to Heather & Richard of Cagaran cats, whose lovely young Tiffanie girl won her title in three straight shows, and is now Champion Cagaran Fileánta - congratulations to the sparkly Small!

8 March - Lancashire Cat Club show

A longer journey today, but definitely worth it, with my four adults all winning their certificates on the day, and two of them taking home new titles!
  Many congratulations to
- Grand Champion & Grand Premier Dushenka Tashabella, who won her third Grand Premier certificate and Best of Breed, and was her usual happy, purry self all day long
MasterCat Dorable won her third MasterCat Certificate, and title
Gr Ch Dushenka Duke Ellington back from a break from showing, he won three 1sts and one 2nd in his four classes and his third Imperial certificate - well done Dukey!
- Dushenka Klarabella won her first Challenge Certificate at her first adult show
- Dushenka Lily-Belle had a more mixed day, but still manage to win a 1st and 2nd prize in two strong side classes.  My darling 'marmite' kitten was 4th in her open - she really does divide judge opinions ;-)

15 February - Scottish Cat Club show

One of my two local shows, with seven Dushenka cats entered, four of my own cats plus another three, representing four generations of Dushenka cats!  Many congratulations to
- Gr Ch & Pr Dushenka Tashabella, who won the reserve Grand Premier certificate, and placed well in every class.  Her daughter:
- Grand Champion Dushenka Belucia, who won her title and was nominated for best in section too, winning a total of two 1st prizes a 2nd and a 3rd in her four classes - well done to my lovely Lucy.  Lucy's kittens:
- Dushenka Frederik won Best of Breed neuter, his second Premier certificate, and a total of two 1st prizes and one 3rd
- Dushenka Feliks won two 1sts and two 2nd prizes in his four classes, allowing his litter brother to win the certificate this time - they take it in turns!
- GMC Fen won her third Imperial certificate and placed well in every class
- Dorable won her second MasterCat Certificate, Best in Colour and 1st in every class - a red card day! And Dorable's daughter, the fourth generation of my cats at the show: 
- Dushenka Lily-Belle won Best of Breed kitten and also enjoyed a red card day, winning 1st in every class!

Congratulations again to my travelling companions, two of my favourite Tiffanies: Darna, who won the reserve Imperial and Best of Breed, and her daughter the sparkly Small, who won her first challenge certificate at her first adult show.

1 February - Shropshire show

Just a day trip this time, and four cats with me, with some pretty good results again!  Many congratulations to
- Grand Champion Dushenka Gabriel, who won his title and Best of Breed Russian Blue adult.  So very proud of my Gabe-the-Babe!
- Gr Ch & Pr Dushenka Tashabella, who won the reserve Grand Premier certificate and Best of Breed Russian Blue neuter.  **stop press** 7 March I received a letter from the GCCF to tell me that Tasha's certificate had been changed to a full Grand certificate!!
- Dorable, making her debut in the pet classes, she won her first MasterCat Certificate and and Best in Colour Self Pedigree Pet. 
- Dushenka Lily-Belle won two 1st prizes and a 3rd

It was a lovely day overall as my travelling companions also did really well -  special congratulations to two of my favourite Tiffanies: Darna, who won her Imperial title and Best of Breed adult, and her daughter the sparkly Small, who won Best of Breed kitten

17 January - Notts & Derbys show

I just had two cats with me today, Lucy and Klara, who amused me no end the night before the show by having a contest to see who could purr more loudly! Lucy won a reserve Grand Challenge, but Klara didn't have such a good day, being rather alarmingly preoccupied with any male cats in her vicinity - she's only 7 months old, naughty girl!

Looking back over 2013…

It was another great show year for my cats who over the course of 2013 won 16 new titles; an incredible 100 certificates (even I couldn’t believe that figure - I checked it several times!); and 19 best in show/best of variety wins, including five Overall Best in Show wins!  Special congratulations again to my new title holders:

- Grand Champion Dushenka Igor Stravinsky
- Grand Champion Dushenka Irina Kalinina
- Grand Champion Lyov Yarilo Larksong Dunoe
- Grand MasterCat Stanley
- Grand MasterCat Fen
- Gr Ch & Premier Dushenka Tashabella
- Champion Dushenka Gabriel
- Champion Dushenka Hanabella
- Champion Dushenka Hubert (the Netherlands)
- Champion Dushenka Jingle-Belle
- Champion Alyona Eremey Tsar
Premier Dushenka Fenella

My other winners included my lovely young kittens Dushenka Klarabella and Dushenka Lily-Belle; handsome neuter boys Dushenka Frederik who won one Premier certificate and Dushenka Feliks, who won two Premier certificates during the year; and super-sexy stud boy GrCh Dushenka Czar Koreshki who won two Imperial certificates.

Many thanks to the owners of all the winning Dushenka cats for all the loving care you have given your cats – love you all: Karen Hettmann; Donna & Dave Johnson; Miranda McIntosh & Fraser Duff; Maartje Schoenmaker; and Pamela White.  Special thanks also to Heather & Richard of Cagaran Cats for taking me and my mob to so many shows during the year, plus Karen, Pamela and Sarah Williams-Ellis who also helped us out.