Champion Dushenka Ysabella, 1 GCC


Yzzy - the cutest Russian Blue Champion ever!

Pet names:


aka Yzzykins, Kinsey-kooks, Miracle Yzzy, Mini-Snoog, Snidgle,

Wicked Little Yzzykins, Yzzles, Little Fat Yzzy-Cat!

Major awards:

- Best of Breed Russian Blue kitten and Best in Show Foreign kitten at her only kitten show
- three Challenge Certificates, one Grand Challenge certificate and one reserve Grand Challenge

Notable offspring: ● UK & Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel, 17 Olympian certificates
Overall Best in Show RACCS 2014
Overall Best in Show RACCS 2013
Best of Variety Foreign Neuter and reserve best neuter - Supreme Show 2013!
Overall Best in Show Exhibit: Glenrothes 2011, Chester 2011, RBBA 2012, Scottish CC 2013, and Nor'East of Scotland CC 2013.
Best in Show Foreign Exhibit: Nor'East of Scotland 2012, Lakeland 2012 and Cheshire 2015; Best of Variety Foreign Neuter: Teesside 2011, Yorkshire 2011, Ulster 2011, Durham 2012, Scotia 2012, Glenrothes 2013, Teesside 2013, West of Scotland 2013, and Nor'East of Scotland 2015.
RACCS Cat of the Year 2011, 2012 and 2013; RBBA Top Exhibit 2011. 
As a kitten 13 x 1st prizes, including four kitten open class wins, twice Best of Breed, and Best Foreign Kitten, Lakeland 2010
● Imperial Grand Champion & Premier Dushenka Zivabella, 6 Best of Breed awards - also as a kitten 15 x 1st prizes and nominated for best in show North West show; RACCS & RBBA Top Russian Kitten 2010
● Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Czar Koreshki; Best of Variety Foreign Adult, Best in Show Foreign and Overall Best in Show Exhibit Lancashire show 2012; Best Russian Male Adult, RACCS 2014
● Grand Champion Dushenka Igor Stravinsky - three kitten shows, three breed class wins, a Best of Breed and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Lakeland show 2013; Champion at 10 months and 8 days old, and a Grand Champion at 12 months and 3 weeks old. Iggy then went off to live with a friend in Australia.
● Grand Champion Dushenka Irina Kalinina - three kitten shows, three times Best of Breed and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Durham show 2013, Champion at 10 months and 8 days old in her first three adult shows, the same day as her brother - one with Best of Breed too!
● Premier Dushenka Carabella, 1 res GPC - as a kitten two open class wins; one x Best of Breed; and Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Scotia show 2011
● Champion Dushenka Queenie-Belle: six times Best of Breed as a kitten, Best Foreign Kitten Scotia 2015, Champion in three straight shows before she was 11 months old
Kittens: 2010  2011  2012




























Yzzy's story

Yzzy really shouldn't exist at all, being the result of an unplanned - but very successful - mating.  There was never a chance of her leaving home as she is quite spookily like my darling old girl Stella to look at.  She is not unlike her in character either, although she can behave a bit too much like Tasha-the-Crasher on occasions as well...

Yzzy seems to fancy herself as a bit of a computer whizz-kid, having managed to find the 'send' button when I was only half-way through composing an email (my follow-up email apologetically explained that I had been 'Yzzy'd' yet again - everyone who has ever met her understood immediately what I meant...).  She has also managed to switch the computer off on occasion, and has opened up software applications I didn't even know I had on this machine! 

Yzzy is also cute, lively, loving and has a purr as huge as Stella's.  She is a cheeky little thing, and plays up the 'cute' factor to get away with all sorts of trouble-making. The problem is, she worked out very early on that spontaneously bursting out into super-loud purrs, combined with enthusiastic licking and kissing would get her off any hook.  I simply can't resist her.

Yzzy delighted me on her show debut by following in the paw-prints of her father and auntie and winning Best in Show Foreign kitten, and picked up two Challenge Certificates by the time she was 10 months old. In  March 2010 she had her first litter of kittens, and on her return to the show bench later in the year won her third challenge and Champion title - congratulations to my cute little bundle of trouble!  Bizarrely enough it is my dinky little Yzzy who has produced some of my biggest kittens, including two magnificent boys, Zerachiel and Czar Koreshki, both Overall Best in Show winners, and both tipping the scales at well over 10lbs. Y

Yzzy is now 15 years old and as cute, stubborn and adorable as ever - long may she reign our home!