Kitten news - Yzzy



February/March 2013


Photos of the kittens in their new home and on holiday for the first time...


From left to right: Lina and Iggy...... Azi


9 February 2013


Darling Azi has just left for his new home - I will miss my cheeky little lad... and need to get used to the idea that both his siblings will be leaving me too :-(




14 January 2013


The babies have just had their first vaccinations, and took it all in the elegant little stride.  Back home they bounced out of their carrier as if nothing had happened at all, and demanded their dinner!










12 December 2012


A rare quiet moment for Yzzy and her lovely babies before they all start chasing around after their favourite toy mouse, playing with their mother's tail (brave kittens!) climbing onto my knee and generally getting into everything.








14 November 2012


Yzzy's babies are now 4 weeks old, very curious and exploring happily.  These photos were taken at night without a flash, so aren't the clearest...








Azi (who refused to pose for the camera!):





16 October 2012


I am delighted to say that Yzzy has just presented me with three gorgeous kittens - all three look great, snuggled up to mum and feeding well.  Yzzy is just so happy to have kittens again: she always comes into her own when she has babies to care for!