Imperial Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Belucia, 1 OGCC


Pet name:


aka Lucy-Lou; Luce, Lou-Belle, Purr-pot; 'Wow you look like your daddy'!; Lou-Lou; Snoogle-poogle; my Baby Blue


Major awards:

● as a kitten 26 x 1st prizes, including ten open class wins, nine Best of Breed, plus Best of Variety Foreign Kitten and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit, Lakeland show 2011; Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Northern Counties show 2011; Best of Variety Foreign Kitten, Best in Show Foreign Exhibit and Overall Best in Show Exhibit Ulster 2011

● a Champion at 10 months in her first three adult shows; five Imperial Grands, one reserve Imperial; three Grand Challenges and four reserve Grand Challenges; Best Foreign Adult West of Scotland show 2015 and Lancashire show 2015;
Grand Premier in the minimum possible number of shows as a neuter, and now a double Imperial; Best Foreign Neuter and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit, Cheshire 2017; Best Russian Exhibit and Overall Best in Show, RACCS 2018!; Best Section 4 (Foreign) Neuter, Humberside 2018; Best in Show Section 4 (Foreign) Exhibit, Edinburgh 2018; Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit, Cheshire 2018: 1 OGCC and 2 res OGCCs
● RACCS Top Kitten and Top Adolescent for 2011

Notable offspring:

● Premier Dushenka Fenella; six breed class wins; one Best of Breed and a Best of Variety win, 20 x 1st prizes; also Imperial Grand MasterCat Fen, four Olympian Certificates
● Grand Champion Dushenka Jingle-Belle, 1 IGCC; four open class wins, two Best of Breed wins as a kitten; three Best of Breed wins as an adult, Champion at 10 months.  Overall Best in Show Exhibit, Dundee 2015, Best of Variety Foreign Adult Northern Counties 2015
● Grand Premier Dushenka Feliks; 18 x 1st prizes to date
● Premier Dushenka Frederik, 1 res GPC; Best of Breed winner on his show debut
● Grand MasterCat Dorable, 3 Imperial certificates; two Best of Breed wins, six Best in Colour; 30 x 1st prizes; Best in Show Pedigree Pet RBBA 2014
● UK & Olympian Bronze Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Orphiel, 5 Olympian certificates, 3 reserve Olympians: five breed class wins as a kitten, including Best in Show Russian Kitten, RACCS 2014; Best Foreign Kitten, West of Scotland show 2015; and Best Foreign Kitten Coventry & Leicester show 2015; Champion in three straight shows, Grand Champion in three straight shows too; Best Foreign Adult Scotia show 2015; Best Foreign Adult and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit, West Country 2016; Best in Show Russian Adult, RACCS 2017; Best Foreign Adult, West Country 2017
● Grand Premier Dushenka Optimus Prime, two reserve IGPCs: two breed class wins as a kitten, Best of Breed Scottish CC show 2015, two reserve Imperials
● Bluebell, 2 MCs: Overall Best Pet, RACCS 2014; Best Pedigree Pet kitten Scottish CC show 2015
Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Rafael, 1 UKGCC, 3 OGCCs, 3 res OGCCs: seven Best of Breed wins as a kitten, Best Foreign Kitten, Gwynedd show 2016, Best Foreign Exhibit and reserve best in show, Cheshire 2016; Best Foreign Adult, Bristol show 2018
● Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Theodorus - Best of Breed at his first two kitten shows, and his last two! Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Preston & Blackpool show 2017; Overall Best in Show, RACCS 2017; CC, Best of Breed and Best Foreign Adult at his first adult show, Dundee 2017, grand in six straight shows; Best Foreign Adult Somerset show 2017; Best Russian Adult, RACCS 2018

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Lucy's story

Lucy is from an especially precious litter of kittens, the only babies from the very lovely UK & Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel. I was so lucky that Zach's owners were willing to let him come here for a 'little visit', with the result that Zach became a daddy the day before his 1st birthday!   Thank you again Karen and Darren for making this very special little Russian Blue lady possible.

Lucy is a gorgeous girl, very purrful and kissy too, just like her siblings.  Then again, not only is their dad Zach, their mum is my adorable 'crazy Crasher', Gr Ch & IGr Pr Dushenka Tashabella, aka Snoogle-mom.  All three Zach/Tash babies are crazily adorable just like their parents, and it was hard for me to accept that I couldn't just keep all three of them... But I knew Lucy had to be the one to stay - she started following me around at a very young age, giving adorable little 'bunny-hops' of happiness every time I spoke to her.  As a result I have rather foolishly indulged her, and like her much-loved, and much-missed great-great grandmother Stella she is quite capable of talking back at me!  Lucy is also the most physically dextrous of my cats, preferring to walk up the banisters, rather than using the stairs like any normal cat, and perching on the top banister to sunbathe.

Lucy enjoyed an amazing show debut at exactly 14 weeks old at the Lakeland show - following in her daddy's pawprints as he too made his show debut at the Lakeland show last year, also aged exactly 14 weeks!  Zach won Best of Variety foreign kitten in 2010, as did Lucy in 2011, but Lucy then had to go one better and win Best in Show Foreign exhibit, thus giving herself an awful lot to live up to.  She has done pretty well in that, winning Overall Best in Show at the Ulster show in November 2011, even beating her own daddy! 

Her pedigree name Belucia is a combination of 'Bella' (beautiful) and 'Lucia' (bright light), as that is what she is to me, a beautiful bright light in my life.  Lucy was also a great mum, with very clear ideas on where and how her kittens should be reared, and it was always a real wrench to part with any of her darling babies.  Lucy is now retired from breeding, but has taken on the role of Chief Etiquette Coach for my kittens!