Kitten news - Lucy




September 2014


In the end my babies sorted themselves out very nicely - Batman is staying with me, Opie is going to live with his cousin Kush, and Oribel with Kush's brother Marvin!



August 2014


The babies are a bunch of little tearaways now, and into everything.  Lucy is still very protective of them so they have not really met the other adults yet.  I could cheerfully keep all these babies, but know I really can't do that.  Their pedigree names are settled at least - Orphiel, Optimus Prime and Oribel.



July 2014


Lucy's mini-Squidges are such marvellous babies - I could happily keep all of them! They all weaned onto solid food with no fuss at all and are wonderful company at night.  I wake up most mornings to the sound of kittens purring right in front of my nose! Lucy is enjoying her babies, and clearly thinks it is great to have an excuse to lapse back to being a big kitten herself, playing alongside her babies, pirrupping and purring happily.


I am not taking bookings for these babies until I have decided for sure who is staying with me, although I have a fair idea already - Batman named himself when he was only three days old when his ears suddenly popped straight upright, looking just like Batman's!



June 2014


Lucy has delighted  me by producing three lovely babies, with dad being Jerry-Squidge.  Lucy is a proud and happy mummy, purring contentedly as she cares for her precious babies.  It will be a few weeks yet before these little ones will be ready to receive visitors, and I am selfishly enjoying this special time whilst I have them all to myself!