Grand Champion Dushenka Jingle-Belle, 1 IGCC


Jingle's story

Pet name:


aka Jinny-Jingle, Jingly-Bingle, The Beagle, Jingle-Bingle-Beagle-Belle, Small-Small, Bingle-Beagle; Bingle-the-Bungle

Show awards: As a kitten, five open class wins and three Best of Breed awards.
Three Challenge Certificate at her first three adult shows, two reserve Grands, three Grand Challenges, one Imperial Grand, two nominations for BIS, three times Best of Breed, and Best of Variety Foreign adult at Northern Counties 2015 as an adult too. And her best show day ever - Dundee 2015 - Best Foreign Adult, Best in Show Foreign and Overall Best in Show Exhibit!
Notable offspring: Champion Dushenka Norma-Jean, 1 Grand certificate, 2 res Grands: Best of Breed Eastern Counties 2014, Best Female Russian Kitten, RACCS 2014
Norman II, Best in Colour Scottish Rex Cat Club 2014
Kitten pages: 2014

Jingle is the result of the very special combination of Lucy and Dukey, a match I was keen to do from the moment I knew Dukey was staying here!  As you would expect with those parents, Jingle has an exceptionally sweet temperament, sharing the same endearing habit of doing welcoming 'bunny hops' that her mother does, with the easy-going good humour of her daddy.  She was an only kitten, and as a result was doted on by both human and feline mums to a ridiculous extent, and there was never any question of her living anywhere than with me.

Her name isn't quite in my usual style, but reflects the fact that she is a Christmas kitty - I was just about to serve Christmas dinner when Lucy announced that she was going into labour Now Mum - and wanted me to sit with her throughout, as is usual with my girls.  Christmas dinner was reheated and eaten hastily at 1130pm... Jingle also has an even more preposterous list of pet names than most of my cats - little kitten, big name :-) Jingle has grown into a sweet, gentle young lady who is just so very loving - and still has the huge ears that earned her the nickname 'Beagle'!

Like her mother, Jingle is physically very dextrous - it is fascinating to watch just how high and how accurately she can leap when there is a moth to catch!  She had her first litter of kittens in 2014, an amazing seven babies, and was a happy, easy-going mum whose kittens are already happy little heartbreakers.  Jingle is also my third-generation Overall Best In Show winner, following in the pawprints of her mother, the lovely Lucy - Imperial Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Belucia; and Lucy's father, the one and only UK & Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel! 

Sadly for me, Jingle appears to be on long-term 'kitten-strike' - I live in hope of more kittens some day...