Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Xander, 2 OGPCs


Xander: Russian Blue perfection, even at 12 weeks old

Pet names:


aka Xinder-Xander, Xandle, Xandi-kooks, Kookie-monster, Senior Snoogle, my big ol' Snoogle-kook... and keeper of my heart

Major awards:

● Best of Variety Foreign kitten, Edinburgh show 2008
● Best of Variety Foreign neuter, West Country show 2016
● Best of Variety Foreign neuter, North West show 2016
● Best of Variety Foreign neuter, Cheshire show 2016

● Kitten wins: 9 open class wins, 7 Best of Breed wins and 31 x 1st prizes

● 3 Challenge Certificates, 8 Premier Certificates, 3 Grand Premier certificates and 2 Reserve Grands, six Imperials, five reserve Imperials, two Olympian certificates, one reserve Olympian

Notable offspring: Champion Dushenka Ysabella, one Grand Challenge and one reserve Grand; Best Foreign Kitten, Chester 2009










Xander's story

I knew pretty much from the moment he was born that I wanted to keep Xander - although common sense told me I shouldn't be keeping him sometimes common sense just goes out the window!  His dad was the beautiful Shoelina Independence - better known as Dippie - and his mother Tasha is, of course, my adorable Crazy Crasher. 

Xander is a poised and elegant-looking boy, with the most amazing green eyes, who oddly enough has inherited his mother's habit of sitting with his front paws crossed.  Unfortunately he has inherited a few of her other habits as well, crashing around the house doing rather too good an imitation of a herd of buffalo on occasion!

As a youngster he was definitely my 'Little Boy Star', winning the RACCS annual points competition for Best Russian, Top Kitten and Top Adolescent, and the RBBA annual points competition for Top Kitten and Top Adolescent, as well as all the other awards listed above.  He is only too well aware of his own gorgeousness, mostly because I have been daft enough to tell him how wonderful he is too often.  He does sometimes get referred to as King of Smug when he is sitting enjoying his own beauty too much!  But underneath that he is actually a very sensitive soul, and is always one of the first cats to come and comfort me when I am upset - his fur has helped dry many a tear, and the gentle, quizzical look he gives me from his limpid green eyes always makes me feel a bit better. 

Xander did well at shows as a young adult, winning two titles before he was even 18 months old, and going on to win the Grand title too.  I had retired him from shows, but after a gap of over four years brought him back out and he delighted me by winning the reserve Imperial and 1st in all his other classes - and snoogling and purring at everyone he could get his paws on and has purred and snoogled his way to his Imperial title at the age of 8.  I was so very proud of my special boy, who is also very definitely the Man of the House and happily spends his time playing and cuddling up with me and all the girls of an evening.

January 2018 saw Xander celebrate his 10th birthday in style, by winning the Olympian certificate at the RACCS show (specialist breed show). This was a super-special win, in memory of his super-special sister