Champion Dushenka Viola Heartsease


Pet names:

Viola; Vi; Veevle-Vi

Major awards:

Twelve Best of Breed wins as a kitten, plus Best Foreign Kitten, Kensington Cat Club 2017, Humberside show 2017, West Country show 2017, and Scottish CC show 2017 - and Best in Show Foreign West Country show 2017 (and runner-up to the overall best in show too - at only 5.5 months old!); Best Female Russian Adult, RACCS 2018, Champion in three straight shows. Vi was also named as the GCCF's Top Foreign Kitten of 2017 - a huge honour!

Notable offspring: None yet - she's too young!


Viola's story

Viola is a sweetly pretty little lady, the daughter of my naughty scamp Queenie by Rafa.  She named herself Viola and I added 'heartsease' to her pedigree name as that is the English name for Viola Tricolour, a very pretty wild pansy. 

She is such a precious little girl, so gentle and loving, who likes to quietly snuggle in with me at night and, like her mum before her, gets on very well with all the other cats.  As a bonus, I knew from very early on that Vi was a special little lady with her amazing soft coat and beautiful little face, and she has done a lot of winning at shows as a kitten, and also had a great start to her adult career too.  However, she doesn't have an ego about that at all, unlike her grandmother Lucy!

I hope that Vi will have kittens for me, and very much hope that she is a happy and dedicated mother-cat like her own mum, so fingers crossed for 2018!