Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Theodorus



Pet name:


aka Little Fellow, Thee-oh! (sung on two notes!)


Major awards:

● as a kitten four Best of Breed wins, plus Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Preston show 2017; Best Russian Kitten, Best in Show Russian and Overall Best in Show Exhibit, RACCS 2017!

● a Grand Champion in his first six adult shows; Imperial at two years old; Best Foreign Adult Nor'East of Scotland show 2017 (his first adult show) and Somerset show 2017; Best Russian Adult, RACCS 2018

Notable offspring:

Dushenka Annabella - Best of Breed kitten,Scottish and West of Scotland shows, 2019


Theo's story

Theo is from my especially favourite combination of Lucy and Dukey and is the most wonderful combination of both his parents.  He is the youngest son of my precious girl Lucy and thus the grandson of the very lovely UK & Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Zerachiel.

So much for planning though as Theo was meant to be a girl!!  But pretty much from the moment he was born I knew he was special, and he wound his silvery paws ever-more firmly around my heart, pushing common sense firmly out of the window...  He is such a calm and easy-going boy and happily lives with his big brother Batman.  They are so close that I really don't like separating them at all, so they tend to go to all the same shows together too, travelling in their special big carrier, snuggled in to each other.

Theo had a mixed show career as a kitten (as did his illustrious grandfather!) and I have to be honest that his winning Overall Best in Show at his last kitten show triggered an even soggier response from me than normal.... Overall Best at the breed show is always extra-special.  He has done really well as an adult too, with judges often commenting on his sweet nature - Theo is a master of the insistent nuzzling kiss x

His pedigree name Theodorus translates as 'a gift from God' - he really is very special to me. So far he has just the one daughter, little Annabella, who is as loving and lovable as her father.