Champion Dushenka Queenie-Belle


Pet names:

Queenie; Queenie-Quine; Queenster

Major awards:

- Six times Best of Breed as a kitten; Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Scotia show 2015, Champion in three straight shows before she was 11 months old

Notable offspring: - Grand Champion Dushenka Viola Heartsease: twelve Best of Breed wins as a kitten, plus Best Foreign Kitten, Kensington Cat Club 2017, Humberside show 2017, West Country show 2017 and Scottish CC show 2017 - and Best in Show Foreign West Country show 2017 (and runner-up to the overall best in show too - at only 5.5 months old!); Best Female Russian Adult, RACCS 2018, Champion in three straight shows
- Grand Premier Dushenka Vanda Blue-Orchid, 2 res IGPCs: one Best of Breed win as a kitten
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stardust-Lady: four breed class wins as a kitten, Grand Premier in the minimum possible number of shows
- Premier Dushenka Xoriana Agata, 2 GPCs: three Best of Breed wins as a kitten
- Champion Dushenka Zinevra - four Best of Breed wins as a kitten
- Champion Dushenka Vasili Sweet-Basil
- Premier Dushenka Veronica Speedwell
- Dushenka Xena Tanzanite, 2 CCs
- Dushenka Zelazny, 1 PC
- Dushenka Zelenka, one Best of Breed win as a kitten
Kittens: 2016









Queenie's story

Queenie is a naughty little scamp who named herself when very young as she obviously considered herself to be ‘Queen of xxxxx everything’!  She is the daughter of my wicked little Yzzykins and silly Jerry-Squidge, and in retrospect I rather doubt my sanity letting those two live-wires have a litter together….  It's probably as well that Queenie was an only child!

She is utterly adorable of course, and from the earliest age has had the habit of running up to me and placing a tiny silvery paw on my knee in the most endearing way.  Like her mother, her cute exterior masks a strong will and she is very good at getting her own way, accompanying her demands with purrs, head-rubs and huge cuddles.  She is also very sweet and sociable with everyone (human and feline) that she meets, and her lovely personality has definitely been an advantage to her at shows. 

I harbour a fantasy that one day I will be able to get a decent photo of her, as at the first sight of a camera she starts cavorting around and pulling silly faces, little naughtiness.  Wrapped around her paw I am :-)

Queenie is also the most wonderful, dedicated mother-cat - again, taking after her own mother and grandmother - and is just a total joy x