Champion Dushenka Wilhemina Pinkletink



Pet names:

Pinkletink; Pinkie; Pinklet; Pinkletonian; Pinky-tink

Major awards:

- Five times Best of Breed as a kitten; Best of Variety Foreign Kitten Shropshire show 2018; Best Female Russian Kitten, RACCS show 2018; Champion in three straight shows before she was a year old.

Notable offspring: None yet - she's too young!









Pinklet's story

Pinklet is a sweet and gentle little lady, the daughter of my darling boy Batman, and Queenie's daughter Sparkle. She was the only girl in her litter and when she was tiny really rocked the little pink bow round her neck - hence her first pet name, Pinkie. Somehow or other her name morphed into 'Pinkletink' and when it came to registering her 'Wilhemina Pinkletink' just had a nice ring to it! Wilhelmina means 'resolute protector' and that also suits her very well. Anyway, given that she named herself it was no surprise to anyone that she hasn't left home....

She is still an unassuming little soul, with a heart of pure gold, a lovely line in snuggly, nuzzling kisses, and the prettiest manners - she is another girl who has quietly charmed judges at shows.  She is also great friends with Vi, who is another gentle little soul, and they sometimes look on the antics of the others with a look of vague, dignified bemusement!

We hope that she will be as happy a mother-cat as Queenie and Queenie's mother and grandmother before her but, regardless of that, she is just such a lovely little person to have around the house x