Grand Champion Alyona Eremey Tsar, 2 IGCCs


Pet name:


aka Jez, Jezzy-joops, Squidge, Squidgy-Widgy, Squidjums (because he's squidgy!), Squidgy-woo, Woo-woo, Mr Woo


Show awards: - Best of Breed and 1st in every class on his show debut
- won his Champion title in three straight shows, also has two reserve Grands, four Grand Challenge certificates, two Imperial certificates and one reserve Imperial
Notable offspring: - UK & Olympian Bronze Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Orphiel, five Olympians and three reserve Olympians: as a kitten, four breed class wins: Best of Breed and Best in Show Russian Kitten, RACCS 2014; Best Foreign Kitten West of Scotland 2015 and Cov & Leics 2015; Best Foreign Adult Scotia 2015, Best Foreign Adult and BIS Foreign West Country 2016, Best Russian Adult RACCS 2017, Best Foreign Adult West Country 2017, Best Foreign Adult Cheshire 2017
- Champion Dushenka Norma-Jean, one Grand certificate and two reserve Grands: Best Female Russian Kitten, RACCS 2014
- Grand Premier Dushenka Optimus Prime, 2 res IGPCs
- Champion Dushenka Queenie-Belle: six times Best of Breed as a kitten, Best Foreign Kitten Scotia 2015, Champion in three straight shows before she was 11 months old
- Bluebell, 2 MCs: Overall Best in Show Pet, RACCS 2014, Best Pedigree Pet Kitten Scottish 2015











Jerry's story

Jerry was bred by my dear friend Maartje Schoenmaker of Alyona Russian Blues, over in the Netherlands.  I hadn't been intending to get another boy so soon - then saw Jerry's photo, and fell in love!  Just to prove it was meant to be, Maartje had been over visiting me and completely fallen for Ziva's son Bertie, who I had been telling myself very firmly could not stay, hard though it was to make that decision.  A fair exchange to make - one adorable purr-bomb for another adorable purr-bomb, which also made it so much easier to part with Bertie as well.

As well as his stellar-quality purr, Jerry also has the most fantastic coat and a very healthy appetite: a combination that makes him infinitely cuddly and squishy - he is a joy.  Jerry is a very sociable boy, settling in with my cats as if he had been born here.  He now lives with my other boys, and is as happy playing with them as he was with the girls when he was a kitten. He also likes to ride on my shoulders when I am playing with the boys as well as frolicking around with his pal Dukey.

Jerry has a very interesting pedigree, combining old classic UK lines through his dad, Gr Ch Kerwil Scryabin Krivak, including Stari, Sashova and Zhivago - plus, some lovely Australian lines through his mum, International Champion Alyona Bella Barinya.  Bella might have come to live with us if she hadn't bonded so completely with her breeder, so it was wonderful to get one of her kittens.  Jerry produced an amazing seven mini-Squidges in his first-ever litter with Jingle and their babies are as delightful as their parents! All our mini-Squidges are so sweet, silly, sociable and just so much fun to have around. Although his 'official' pet name is Jerry I have to be honest and admit that he more often gets called Squidge, and I am incredibly proud of all his mini-Squidges, children and grandchildren, and now great-grand children too!

Thank you again to Maartje for this special boy, who can always make me smile :-)