Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Duke Ellington


Pet name:


aka Dukey-boy, Dukey-bukey, Dukester, Mummy's Muppet, Little Fellow!


Show awards: As a kitten:- eight open class wins; seven Best of Breed wins; Best in Show Foreign Exhibit Short-Haired Cat Society show 2012; Best of Variety Foreign Kitten, Shorthair CC of Scotland 2012; Best in Show Foreign Exhibit Durham show 2012; a total of 28 1st prizes. 
- three Challenge Certificates, three Grand Challenges, one reserve Grand, five Imperial Grand certificates and two reserve Imperials
Notable offspring: - Grand Champion Dushenka Igor Stravinsky - Best Foreign Kitten, Lakeland 2013, granded in six straight shows before he was even 11 months old
- Grand Champion Dushenka Irina Kalinina - Best Foreign Kitten, Durham 2013 - like her brother Iggy, granded in six straight shows
- Grand Champion Dushenka Jingle-Belle, 1 IGCC - as a kitten, five open class wins and 3 Best of Breeds, Champion at 10.5 months old; Overall Best in Show, Dundee 2015, Best Foreign Adult, May 2015
- Dushenka Lily-Belle - Best of Variety Foreign Kitten, West of Scotland show 2013; Best of Breed and 'red card day', Scottish Cat Club show, 2014, aka Lily-Belle, two MasterCat Certificates
- Dushenka Posy-Belle - Best of Breed winner, Dundee 2015

- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Rafael, 1 UKGCC, 3 OGCCs, 3 res OGCCs:  seven Best of Breed wins as a kitten; Best Foreign Kitten, Gwynedd show 2016; Best Foreign Exibit and reserve overall best in show, Cheshire show 2016; Best Foreign Adult, Bristol show 2018
- Imperial Grand Premier Makima Kyanite, 1 res OGCC- Best of Breed and Best Foreign Exhibit, Edinburgh show 2016 at just 15 weeks old; Best Foreign Kitten, West of Scotland show 2017; Best Foreign Kitten and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit Scottish show 2017; Best Foreign Kitten Glenrothes 2017; Best Foreign Neuter and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit Dundee 2017; Best Russian Neuter RACCS Jan 2018
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Theodorus - Best of Breed at his first two kitten shows, Best Foreign Kitten Preston & Blackpool 2017; Overall Best in Show RACCS 2017; Best Russian Adult, RACCS Jan 2018; CC, Best of Breed and Best Foreign Adult at his first adult show, Dundee 2017; granded in six straight shows; Best Foreign Adult, Somerset show 2017
- Grand Champion Makima Angelite - Best Female Russian Kitten, RACCS 2017
- Grand Premier Dushenka Stardust-Lady













Dukey's story

Dukey is one of Ziva's Magnificent Seven kittens from the gorgeous UK & Imperial Gr Ch Furbell Stargazer.  I originally planned to keep a daughter, but the idea of Dukey going off to neutered obscurity was a bit too much for me - he really is very like his dad!  So with the agreement of Starry-G's breeder, Dukey is staying with me for a while - I rather hope it's a long while!

Dukey is incredibly sweet-natured, living happily with my other boys, but definitely relies on his undoubted good looks to get through life.  He is very funny, and whilst a smart boy is also just a little bit silly, hence being called - lovingly! - Mummy's Muppet, bless him.  He is a sweet, snoogly lad and has produced some very lovely kittens for me, including my (now not-so) little Jingle-Belle, born on Christmas Day.