GCCF Ch & Aus Champion Bluebebop Blackstar Bowie


Pet names:

BoBo, Baby Sam (after his dad), Baby Black, Mr Mink, my Black Dumpling

Major awards:

Bowie won his Champion title in the minimum possible number of shows in Australia, winning his six challenge certificates in short order. He also managed some good Top 10 placings, always more difficult for a black. He was also made up to Champion in the minimum possible number of shows in the UK.

Place of birth:

Perth, Australia


Notable offspring:

- Grand Champion Lapochka Black-Velvet Rose, 4 IGCCs: His first-ever black kitten, 17 time Best of Breed, including at the Supreme Show 2022; Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit, Nor'East of Scotland show 2023, Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit, Kensington show 2023
- Lapochka Blue-Velvet Skylark, Best in Show Section 4 Exhibit on her show debut

Bowie's story

It all started a good few years ago when Bowie's breeder asked me if I would be willing to send her a kitten, as she had fallen in love with my Tasha and was looking for a descendent to help with the genetic diversity of her cats. I took my time finding just the right kitten for her, but after about 5 years of thinking and planning (!!) I finally sent her Yzzy's son Iggy. Iggy had a whale of a time at Corinne's, being very much the lady's man! In return, Corinne kept an eye out with her kittens, looking for a boy to send me.  

Bowie is a very beautiful, big, strong boy with wonderful vivid green eyes and gentle nature. His black coat has been a bit of a revelation, like the very best quality dense, plushy mink and as he has matured has become ever-more handsome - calling this big, handsome lad 'Baby' is a reflection of his sweet, soft nature, not his appearance! Travelling with him was Corinne's magnificent boy Jac, a Supreme Best in Show winner as well as a Diamond Grand Champion! I asked her so many times if she was really sure she wanted to part with him. Although a 'true blue' breeder at heart Bowie is so gorgeous that he is tempting me 'over to the dark side' :) I just adore him.