Grand Champion Dushenka Mirabella


Bella, who will always be my Baby Belle

Pet name:


aka Baby Belle, BelBel, Little Fat Baby Cat, Squirrelina, Sweet Baby Belle

Major awards:

● 7 Challenge Certificates, 3 Grand Challenge Certificates & 3 reserve Grands

● Best in Show Foreign Exhibit, Scotia Cat Fanciers 1999

● Top Russian Blue female adult of 2005

Place of birth:

Strathbungo, Glasgow


Notable offspring:

● Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Stanislav, 1 UKGPC, 8 Imperial Grands and 3 reserve Imperials: RACCS and RBBA top male Russian neuter 2010;
aka Imperial Grand MasterCat Stanley, 1 Olympian Certificate: Overall Best in Show Pet, Nor-East of Scotland show 2013
● Grand Premier Dushenka Oliver, 1 Imperial Grand

● Grand Champion Dushenka Sophia Bella

● Premier Dushenka Rurik, 1 Grand Premier certificate & 1 reserve Grand

● Premier Dushenka Penelope, 1 Grand Premier Certificate

















Bella's story

Bella had a difficult birth, being born after Stella endured a nail-bitingly long gestation, and then a long and painful labour, with all her kittens being full breech presentations.  It wasn't a difficult decision to keep Bella after that.  While her brothers would be happy playing rough-and-tumble together, every time she heard my voice she toddled over to the front of the kitten box with the most wistful expression on her face - she learned the power of the Silent Miaow very young did my sweet Baby Belle. 

Bella had a successful early show career, but then spent a few years being a stay-at-home mum.  She gets my vote for Supermum as she had a title-winner in each of her four litters of kittens, a total of five cats, all whom have won at least one grand certificate each as well.  But much more important than that, all of them are as gentle and sweet-natured as their mother. 

I started showing Bella again as a mature lady and she delighted me by winning her Grand title in the space of 5 months as a 7-year-old veteran. 

Belle still has the most heart-breaking expression, but she really is a happy fat lap cat, and still very much my sweet little baby, even now she is a venerable veteran in age.  She is also ear-washer in chief, keeping all the other cats in trim.  As for why she is sometimes known as Squirrelina?  Well, she has what I describe as a 'squirrel tail', holding her tail straight and tight up along her back so the tip tickles the back of her head - very cute!  I find it hard to accept that Bella is now 16 years old - she will be forever young in my heart, where she occupies a very special place indeed.