UK & Olympian Bronze Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Orphiel


Pet name:


aka Bitty-Bat; Batty-boy, Philly-Bat; Philly-Billy-Batman; Philbert (cos he's nutty!);


Show awards: - six breed class wins, four times Best of Breed as a kitten
- Best in Show Russian Kitten, RACCS 2014; Best of Variety Foreign Kitten, West of Scotland Cat Club show January 2015; Best of Variety Foreign kitten Coventry & Leicester show February 2015
- Champion in three straight shows, at just over 10 months old; made up to Grand in three straight shows too, at just 12 and a half months old, and made up to UK in two consecutive Supreme shows. He has five Olympian certificates, three reserve Olympians too!
- Best Foreign Adult, Scotia 2015
- Best Foreign Adult and Best in Show Foreign Exhibit, West Country 2016
- Best in Show Russian Adult, RACCS 2017
- Best Foreign Adult, West Country 2017
- Best Foreign Adult, Cheshire 2017
Notable offspring: - Grand Champion Dushenka Delukiel, 3 IGCCs, 1 res IGCC: three kitten best of breed wins and Best of Variety Section 4 kitten, Southern Counties 2020 ; Best of Variety Section 4 Adult, Scotia show 2023
- Champion & Premier Dushenka Wilhemina Pinkletink: five times best of breed as a kitten, Best Female Russian Kitten, RACCS 2018; Best of Variety Foreign Kitten, Shropshire 2018, Champion in three straight shows before she was a year old, Premier in three straight shows too
- Premier Dushenka Wolfgang-Amadeus, 1 GPC: two kitten breed class wins, including RACCS 2018











Batman's story

Batman is the son of my Squidgy-Jerry and lovely Lucy and is an adorable combination of both his parents.  He is a sweet, silly and sociable boy who caught my eye when he was only three days old and his ears popped straight upright - hence his nickname Batman!  I'm never very good at parting with kittens who name themselves...  

Once Batman had an archangel pedigree name it didn't surprise any of my friends that he didn't quite manage to leave home.  He has the squidginess of his dad and spends a lot of his time dangling upside down in my arms with a goofy grin on his face.  Batman doesn't really believe in taking life that seriously, but when he isn't larking around so much he shows 'that' look around his eyes that I just cannot resist.