Champion Dushenka Annabella, 1 GCC


Pet names:

Anna, Anna-Spanner, Anna-Fat-Tail

Major awards:

7 x Best of Breed kitten wins, Best in Show Section 4 (Foreign) Exhibit, SHCS show, 2019; Best of Variety Section 4 Kitten, Southern Counties show 2019; Best of Variety Section 4 Kitten, Lancashire show 2019; Best of Variety Section 4 Kitten, Nor'east of Scotland 2019; Champion at just 10.5 months old

Notable offspring: Dushenka Delukiel - three Best of Breed wins from his three kitten shows, and a Best of Variety S4 Kitten win on his show debut


Anna's story

Anna is the daughter of my sweet girl Viola, and she is the first-born daugher of my boy Theo. She has always been called Anna, from the day she was born: no confusion in her mind about her name, or the fact that she wanted to stay here. Her tail does look fat compared with some of my other cats and kittens, hence her other pet name!

Anna is very like her mother in temperament, very gentle and loving, and quietly snuggles in with me and Xander at night for special cuddles. She has a lovely line in purrs and snoogles, and knows how to get on with everyone, giving the older cats lots of washes!

Having the distraction of a kitten helped me to cope with the pain of losing her beloved ancestresses, Sophie and Tasha. Nobody can ever replace them, but this little sweetheart reminds me every day of my beloved old ladies, as do her lovely kittens.