Kitten news - Sophie




18 March 2009


It's almost time for the babies to start leaving home.  it will be a wrench for both me and Sophie to part with them.






11 March 2009


Sophie has clearly decided that her babies need to be encouraged to explore more, and has been positively encouraging them to helter-skelter up and down the stairs, pirrupping and purring to them to follow her around the whole house.  Their new favourite room is the dining room, probably because it has the largest number of cardboard boxes in it still waiting to be unpacked!






4 March 2009


Having had their first injections the babies are now beginning to explore the house, and like my adults, think staircases are just fantastic!  They also love getting into my bookcases, so I will be fitting doors to them very, very soon...  Sam-sam's new owners have been to visit him, and were a hit with the whole family, from the oldest to the youngest, the sure sign of true cat lovers.




25 February 2009


I finally managed to get some photos of the kittens individually again.  It wasn't easy as they are far more interested in playing than sitting still for so much as a single moment.  Sam-sam is addicted to his latest toy (a fluffy red snake with multi-coloured ribbons) and spends many a happy hour in wild-eyed pursuit of it! 



Yzzy caught in mid-frolic                  Yaz taking a break to pose prettily       Sam-Sam with his favourite toy


18 February 2009


Sophie's babies are keeping up the proud family tradition of being total foodies, enjoying a wide selection of their favourite tinned and fresh food at every meal.  Their mum thinks it's pretty great having a choice as well!


The babies are very keen to explore more widely, and Yzzy has been following in Stella's pawprints, 'helping' me on the computer.



11 February 2009



Sam-sam                                       Yaz                                                  Yzzy


This week the pink pompoms were replaced by turquoise feathers as the toy of choice, and other fun activities include sneaking into my bed at night and rearranging anything they can get their paws on!  Sophie is every inch the calm queen of all she surveys, watching her kittens' antics with indulgent amusement.



4 February 2009


As well as chasing their own tails, and pouncing on toy mice and pompoms, Sophie's kittens have now discovered a new source of fun - demolishing cardboard boxes!  How on earth such little creatures can take apart large boxes so quickly I really don't know, but it's great fun watching them. 


All this demolition work is giving them very healthy appetites, with their absolute favourite being freshly-roasted chicken breast.  They love chicken so much they devour it in the blink of an eye and lick the plate clean until it sparkles.




28 January 2009


Sophie's babies are now 8 weeks old, and full of mischief, popping up in all sorts of unexpected places!  Yzzy has such a cheeky look about her, and reminds me of my old girl Stella when she was a baby.  Sam and Yaz are rather more dignified, except when it comes to their favourite games, which this week have included 'chase the pink pompom' and tail-pouncing - quite often their own tail as well, bless.  But it's still back to mum once they have tired themselves out...



21 January 2009


I decided to move myself and Sophie's family into the back bedroom, as the other cats were keen to reclaim 'their' (ie my) usual bed.  All the cats are very happy with this new arrangement - although I am rather missing my own bed I do enjoy waking up to find my three little kittens all tucked closely around me. 


The babies' names are now settled - Yzzy (short for Ysabella), Sam (Yerevan Sam) and Yaz (Yasmin).




14 January 2009


Sophie's babies are now into everything, charging around the place with tails up like flagpoles, and happily eating alongside their mum before reverting to cuddling in and feeding from her, then collapsing in a heap of blue fuzzy purrs and snores.




7 January 2009


Now 5 weeks old, the babies are nibbling at solid food and have started to use the litter tray, as befits well-brought up young kittens.  Sophie really is a great mum, as well as my loving companion.  Her kittens are now of an age where their individual personalities are beginning to show, and I am having my usual fun trying to select just the right names for them, with this litter's names all to begin with the letter 'Y' - nothing like giving yourself a challenge is there?? 



Hogmanay 2008


What a change in a week - Sophie's babies are now scampering and tumbling around their pen, playing with Mum's tail and generally getting into mischief at every turn. 





Christmas Eve 2008


At three weeks old the babies are now at the stage of determinedly toddling around the kitten pen, playing with each other, and generally just being too cute for words. Sophie is still intensely attentive to their every need and barely leaves them at all.



17 December 2008


Now two weeks old, Sophie's kittens have had their eyes open for a few days, and can now focus on what is going on around them although it is all still a bit bewildering for them.  Sophie is, as ever, a devoted and attentive mum and has mastered the art of feeding her babies whilst eating her own dinner.






10 December 2008


Sophie's kittens are now one week old, with lovely little plump tummies. 


Sophie likes to have me sit by her when she eats, and is obviously very proud of her gorgeous babies, purring her beautiful heart out whenever I check on on them.   





3 December 2008


Having convinced me she was due on Saturday, and in labour on Monday, Sophie finally decided to have her kittens on Wednesday night.  After all that hanging around she popped out three beautiful, healthy, babies quickly and easily. 


Mother and babies are all doing brilliantly well, but I'm completely knackered, not having had a proper night's sleep in 4 days!