Kitten news



22 April 2006


Tonight we waved goodbye to the last of our kittens, Tallulah (wobble in voice, and suspiciously shiny eyes were in evidence).  It was mutual love at first sight for Lula and Jane, and just to underline that it is the perfect match Lula has gone to live in Liverpool, my own place of birth. 


Tasha and Techs also made their show debut today - see the News page for details of their exploits!



4 April 2006



Resistance is futile.....


I don't even bother trying to resist them, or their lovely little soft tummies just crying out for a tickle.  And they love it too!


Their mum, my precious Sophie is back on top form, being prettily, wickedly perfect and playing with her daughters as if she is just an overgrown kitten herself.  And she and big brother Oliver are back to enjoying their occasional crazy games, and long, loving hug-ins with each other.


Feline heaven.





28 March 2006


And then there were two....


Another teary day as we said goodbye to Tahlia who has gone off to live with a lovely lady up North, who has previously been owned by a Russian boy related to my babies.  We can both see the clear family resemblance as well.


Looking on the bright side, their mother Sophie is almost back to her normal weight and shape, and looking very pretty indeed.  She has been joining in the regular tussles for the favourite catnip mouse, with her daughters rather sensibly letting her win the contests most of the time!



18 March 2006




My beautiful boy has just left for his new home, and is already settling in well with his new family.  We are convinced that he and Indi the dog are going to be the very best of friends!  So this week's photo is just of the three girls.  I am enjoying them while I can. 


Of course, Tasha isn't going anywhere - she looks too like her grandmother for me to part with her.  That's Tasha at the front on the left, with Tallulah reclining on the cushion at the back, and Tahlia posing prettily on the right. 








11 March 2006


Here they are again - blissed-out babies with their grandmother, my baby Belle.  I'm not quite sure who is the happiest in this pile!


They are 12 weeks old now, and their vaccinations and various vet checks are all complete.  They have been a hit with everyone who has met them.


I'm making the most of them while they are still at home, and spent most of the evening with a guddle of softly-purring kittens half-asleep on my knee - heaven!




4 March 2006 - 11 weeks old


My precious babies - I wish you could see their purrs.  You can certainly feel them when you stroke the kittens - they positively vibrate with pleasure.


Tasha and Techs                                           Tallulah and Tahlia





25 February 2006 - 10 weeks old



My wicked little angels are happily taking over the whole house now, with their older relatives accepting their energetic presence very well indeed.  They have the most thunderous purrs, which can make conversations rather difficult, especially when they roll over and ask for a tummy rub.  Here they are taking over the sofa.


They all of them weigh well over 1 kg now, with Techs definitely the biggest, and all three girls quite similar in size.  They are continuing to hoover their way through food, especially if one of the adults is trying to eat in peace!  Other than that they really do have excellent manners...  but then, their mother does too.








18 February 2006


Well, the babies have just been out of the house for the first time since they were born - their first trip to the vet for vaccinations.  They were good as gold, and seemed to rather enjoy all the attention.  The vet confirmed what we already knew - that they are all in the very best of health!  They have been bouncing all over the house, playing 'patty-paws' under the door with Oliver, and taking over the big girls' favourite chair.


Here's one of them being washed by great-grandmother Stella, who always enjoys helping out with the kittens.  My baby Belle is behind them.  Baby Belle is a grandmother - I can't believe it any more than she can! Somehow 'Granny Belle' just doesn't suit her.  And, of course, it's Uncle Oliver at the front, working out a cunning plan to win the current game of 'kitten tag'.  His energy seems as boundless as the babies.






11 February 2006




Here they are again - Tallulah, Tasha, Tahlia and Techs.


I wish I could just keep all four of them....  but I doubt their new owners would be too impressed!


Wickedly perfect and perfectly wicked, just like all the best kittens. 











Sophie is taking longer breaks from them now, but still enjoys her love-ins with them all: she really is the perfect mother. 











4 February 2006


Now seven weeks old, the kittens are into everything, and have migrated to sleeping on my bed...  but they really are remarkably well-behaved, always settling down to sleep in reasonable time after I put the light off at night.  And there's little to beat the joy of sitting up in bed reading the Sunday papers whilst being dive-bombed by four blue angels! 


Although they are happily eating everything put in front of them (including dry food) they still like their little top-ups from Sophie.  They have been venturing further afield and having great fun winding up their Uncle Oliver, playing with his tail whenever he joins them. 


Here they are, just waking up before taking off to explore the house again -->



28 January 2006


And I thought they were lively last week.... They are now running around like little balls of super-charged grey swansdown, in-between the obligatory snooze sessions and raids on the food bowl.  They are turning into regular little feline hoovers! 


Now, why would they want to sleep in their bed when they

can sleep on top of it??


 And yes, here's Baby Boy (Techs)

posing yet again - isn't he gorgeous?




21 January 2006 - 5 weeks old



My clever little kittens are now all nibbling at solid food, and have been using their litter tray quite happily for days.  Sophie is taking longer breaks away from them: I can't say I blame her, as they are quite exhaustingly lively sometimes! 


They are so sweet, miaowing quietly when they want a cuddle or a tummy tickle. 







14 January 2006


Four weeks old now, the kittens are beginning to sniff at Sophie's food with interest.  Baby Boy (showing off his beautiful baby blue eyes below) has already scaled the heady heights of the kitten pen, and the girls are not far behind him.  They are growing up really fast - all of them weigh over half a kilogramme now.





7 January 2006


Sophie's kittens are now three weeks old and getting to be quite cheeky!  One girl reminds me of her grandmother Bella at the same age: she has the same wistful expression.  Somehow I think she'll be the one who stays with me...  Baby Boy is already trying to climb up the walls of the pen, and my other two girls like nothing better than tumbling around together.  Sophie watches all their shenanigans with reasonable equanimity, and is still demanding the best and most luxurious of foods.





31 December 2005



Now two weeks old, all four kittens have more than trebled their birth weight, and are taking their first steps. 


Sophie is a very contented mother, and eating me out of house and home!  Baby Boy likes to be the centre of attention, as you can see from this photograph...


Sorry to disappoint you, but all four are now provisionally booked - I doubt I can resist keeping one for myself.




25 December 2005 




Sophie enjoyed fresh roast turkey for lunch (well, we couldn't leave her out could we?) and all four kittens' eyes are opening nicely and promptly.  


Not that you can see that in this photograph, as they are all too busy sleeping,

as usual....





17 December 2005


Just in nice time for Christmas, my precious Sophie was safely delivered of 4 fine, fat healthy kittens between 3.00am and 4.00pm on Saturday 17 December.  Mother and babies are doing great.


All her kittens were comfortably above average weight at birth, and are obviously feeding well.   Sophie is really happy, greeting me with soft purrs every time I check on her, and demanding tummy rubs.