Premier Dushenka Stardust-Lady, 2 GPCs


Pet names:

Sparkle; Sparkle-parkle; Sparkle the Warkle


Major awards:

- four breed class wins as a kitten, one Challenge certificate at her first adult show, and Premier in three straight shows as a neuter; Grand winner at her first try too

Notable offspring: - Dushenka Wilhemina Pinkletink: Best Female Russian Kitten, RACCS 2018









Sparkle's story

Sparkle is Queenie's daughter and as wickedly cute as her mum.  Born in 2016, her pedigree name isn't in my usual style but she is from my 'David Bowie' litter (her brother's name is Sziggy Stardust and her sister is Serious Moonlight).  She was called Stardust for quite a while for her silvery stardust-spangled fur.  But although her name suited her physically, it still wasn't quite 'her'.  Then one day I looked at her, said 'hello Sparkle', and realised that she had named herself!

Like her mother, her lovely personality has definitely been an advantage to her at shows, as she has the prettiest manners and the cutest squeaky miaow.  She is also remarkably like her grandfather Squidge, with the same sweet and playful nature, and is a lot of fun to have around!  Sparkle has had a litter of five gorgeous kittens but found the experience of motherhood rather overwhelming.  She is now a happy, happy neuter, playing with her babies as if they were her siblings rather than her children!