Grand Champion Azreal Boucheron Beauzaris


Pet names:

Beau, Bobo-boo, Booboo-boy, Bozey-boo


Major awards:

- Nominated for Best in Show in both rings as a kitten in South Africa, plus a Judge's Choice award
-in the UK, Granded in the minimum possible number of shows

Notable offspring: Champion Alyona Jelisaveta - two x Best of Breed on her first show day
Champion Alyona Ilian Ilariy - Best in Variety Rotterdam and Eindoven shows 2016; Best SH Male, Limbracat 2017.
Champion Alyona Jasminka - Overall Best Russian Exhibit, Russian Special, Rotterdam 2016; Best of Best Short-hair kitten, Eindhoven 2016; Best Overall Exhibit, Limbracat 2017
Kittens: None born in the UK yet, but his Dutch-born children are doing very well!









Beau's story

Beau is my super-soft, super-special boy who came all the way from South Africa to join us from my dear friend Leanne Hewitt.  It took a few years for all our plans to come together but he was more than worth the wait.  I have always been more than a little bit in love with his handsome father Sergei - SA Triple Supreme Champion Azreal Sergei Starlin - but was never quite able to persuade Leanne to part with her oh-so special boy.  Then Eviee joined Leanne - SA Supreme Champion Kimara Zaris Evelina, imported from Lucy Nikiforos in Australia - and I dared to imagine what Sergei and Eviee could produce together....  I asked, Leanne and Lucy agreed, with the result that six gorgeous kittens were born to Sergei and Eviee on 31 January 2015, including four lovely boys. 

From the very start, even amongst this superlative litter there was one boy who just seemed to have the edge, wearing a blue kitten collar, the same colour as his father.  But his three brothers were all lovely too - how to decide, just looking at photos?? Stepping in to help came Maartje, breeder of my darling Jerry-Squidge. Maartje had a business trip to Cape Town, and offered to visit Leanne and help with the decision.  Maartje understands so well what I look for in my cats, which is as much a certain look in the eyes as anything else, so difficult to define. But she was absolutely right about Squidge being my boy so I knew she would keep us right.  She visited, played with the kittens and yes, all the boys were lovely but Blue Band boy was my Beau.

As for his name, Boucheron is Leanne's favourite scent; Zaris is for Beau's lovely mother; and Beau is for my beloved Ch Saphiriken Beau Bellis, my first ever Russian Blue, who is also the great x10 grandfather of my young Beau.  It really couldn't have been a more perfect combination for me and it makes me so happy that the gentle wisdom and loving nature of Beau Bellis is still so apparent in his descendent.  Beau is sweet, thoughtful and loving, with an endearing edge of gentle playfulness.  He settled in here as if he had been born here, my precious boy.  With those parents it goes without saying that he is also very handsome!

Thank you Leanne and Lucy for making my dream come true, and to Maartje for all her help throughout the lengthy process of arranging his import.